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Last week at the Search Summit in San Francisco, we showcased a brand new way to search that is designed to help you interact with friends and take action without compromising the core search experience. Starting today, people in the United States can give it a try at

Since most of you weren’t able to attend the summit, Qi Lu, Harry Shum and I shot a short video where we discuss the design decisions and technical underpinnings behind this release.

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As we discussed last week, Bing now integrates search and people in our social networks through a dedicated social “sidebar.” With sidebar, Bing brings together the best of the web, with what experts and your friends know, giving you the confidence to act. This new way to search lets you share, discover, and interact with friends like you do in real life. If you’re on the go, you’ll notice we’ve optimized the layout and placement of the social results on the mobile device for smaller screen sizes and for touch input, so the user experience will be different than what people see on a PC.

As you search, Bing suggests friends on Facebook who might know about the topic you’re searching for based on what they “like”, their Facebook profile information, and photos they’ve shared.

For example, if you’re searching for diving spots in Hawaii, you might see a friend who lived in Hawaii, your sister who shared photos from her honeymoon in Hawaii, and a buddy who “likes” a restaurant in Hawaii. You can then ask them for recommendations right from Bing.

You may not always see friends you expect to show up for a number of reasons. Bing uses public Facebook information and content you’ve given Bing permission to use, such as friends’ photos on Facebook. We won’t match friends based on other Facebook content such as status updates or check-ins. Bing also respects you and your friends’ privacy settings so you won’t see friends who have opted out of Facebook instant personalization or blocked the Bing app.

We’re just getting started bringing friends into your search experience and will continue getting better over time. Like everything with Bing, we’re constantly working to improve the product so let us know if you have feedback.

– Derrick Connell, Vice President, Bing

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  1. dhan

    when I go to, it just forwards me to simple web search for "movies" and I don't see any new stuff.

  2. kercker

    The new keyword sensitive navigation above the search box is brilliant.

  3. - Social Blogging Platform

    I am from UAE, I am not able to see any new thing. Is it released only fr USA?

  4. diego80

    Stop this US-only-release! I´m live in Spain

  5. mackenzie.pricee

    Everytime I am on I get prompted to use the new Bing yet my search results are exactly the same.  I don't receive the New Bing.

  6. The Bing Team

    @ dhan and @Mackenzie You need to authenticate the experience with your Bing account and Facebook to see sidebar

  7. Kelson64

    I see the Facebook sidebar, then it goes away for hours. Then it comes back. I am totally confused by the new Bing. I love it when I can see it . . but I only see it perhaps 5% of the time.

  8. merylp_

    I can't see any difference. I live in France.

  9. Alireza Noori

    "You need to authenticate the experience with your Bing account and Facebook to see sidebar"

    How can I do that? I looked at my Facebook account settings->Apps, but couldn't find anything. You really need to simplify this process. Otherwise most of the users cannot use it.

  10. Alireza Noori

    When is it going to be available for public (not just US)

  11. NerdyWoman

    I'm frustrated by the Bing/Facebook connection. I participate in the Bing rewards program under my Windows Live ID. If I log on to FB also, the FB account has preference and search history is saved to my FB account. Moreover, I have to do 150 searches each month to maintain Gold status and get discounted redemption requirements in the Bing rewards program. If I'm logged on to FB, Bing searches count toward that account. If I'm not logged on to FB, they are assigned to my Windows Live account where all my rewards points are stored. Either make the connection complete or at least give me the option of assigning rewards points to the account of my choice.

  12. mackenzie.pricee

    I have tried that.  I have removed the app from my Facebook account numerous times also.  Can we correspond via email?  m at mackenzieprice dot co

  13. range152

    this is stupid, i want to try out the new bing search, why dont they let people outside of US to use it?

  14. Marcus Cyganiak

    When can Canadians expect to have the new Bing?

  15. animalmonkey29

    god bless you and your family for all your good work  hell yeah bing.

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