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This week we have been encouraging people to take another look at Bing. To help folks who may not have used us in a while find some of our favorite features, we’ve pulled together a quick list of some cool things you can do on Bing that you won’t find other places.



1) Bing Homepage: Daily Inspiration

The Bing homepage includes a new beautiful image daily, information hotspots embedded in the image, popular searches, and links to video, news, shopping, travel, images, entertainment and maps. In addition, the Bing homepage occasionally features rich HTML5-powered videos in place of the daily image, providing people with an even more immersive experience.

2) Bing Travel: Price Predictor

With our airfare price predictions, in once glance you can find out whether fares are rising or dropping and whether you should buy now or wait.

3) Bing Video: Smart Motion Preview

How many times have you clicked on a video thumbnail only to discover that it wasn’t quite what you were looking for? With Smart Motion Preview, you can hover over a video and immediately watch a preview without having to travel to the site.

4) Bing Music: Artists

Interested in a band or exploring new artists. Look no further. Bing pulls everything together in one place. From videos, albums, show schedules, biographies and even the ability to listen or purchase the song from Zune, Amazon MP3 or iTunes.

5) Bing Events: FanSnap

Thanks to our partnership with FanSnap, you can find and compare event tickets from leading tickets sites, check out the view from the seat and quickly find the best value in Bing. Even Super Bowl tickets!

6) Bing Local: Action Buttons

Bing provides a plethora of information about local businesses including action buttons to get stuff done faster. For example, a restaurant listing may include links to commonly used functions on that site such as menu or location. Search results also may offer quick links to customer reviews, menus, one-click directions and an interior panorama or Streetside view of the location, if available.

7) Bing Maps: Mall Maps

Our Shopping Mall Maps allow you to view individual stores, layout, parking, ATMs and entrances, as well as many other mall services for nearly 700 malls across the US, France, Germany and the UK — all within Bing Maps.

8) Bing Shopping: Deals

Deals available at Bing.com/deals, visually organizes nearly 300,000 of the hottest deals from across the Web along with daily deals in 12 cities, in one convenient location.

9) Bing Maps: Airport Maps

Airport Maps give you everything you need to navigate your travels, including information on parking garages, ticket counter locations, terminals and gates, baggage claims, currency exchange, and more. The maps also feature a sortable directory of airlines, cafes and restaurants. Currently, there are airport maps for more than 50 airports, covering most of the medium- and large-hub airports in the United States.

10) Bing Everywhere: Bing on Xbox, Bing for Mobile and Bing for iPad

We make Bing available in convenient and intuitive ways that take advantage of the capabilities across a breadth of devices. You can see this today with features like: voice search on Bing for Xbox, implicit search such as Local Scout on Windows Phone, the ability to search using your phone’s camera with Bing Vision and touch/contextual search through the Lasso feature on the Bing for iPad app.

Check it out and let us know what you think.

- The Bing Team

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  1. Bruno Horvat

    Nice features, but Bing sucks anyway. And why can I say this? Because I live in Sweden and use a Windows Phone. I love my phone and I like what I see that Bing can do. But these features only work in USA. We in the rest of the world are standing in the cold and watching with envy how nice it could have been.

    Please provide these services in more countries. All my friends in Sweden use Google because it just works, bing doesn't. And for my phone… I have a deicated button for Bing which does not give me the same experience as for you guys in USA. Justt a waste of space for us in Sweden.

    So before you add more featuers… expand your services.

  2. The Bing Team

    @Bruno Horvat  Your feedback is noted.  Thanks for taking the time to comment. We hear you loud and clear.

  3. Jlark

    Unfortunatly I feel like I'm watching a shamwow commercial.

  4. Anand Khanse

    In a search engine, people look for relevant search results first and last; features are extra's which are always welcome. In any case, most of these features are US only. So when will they be available worldwide?

    Features may not be enough to get people to start using Bing. You will have to break old habits. And it is not easy to break habits. This is the challenge your team needs to address. The time seems ripe now, its just a matter of how you seize the opportunity.


  5. kkashwin

    NONE! Absolutely None of the above features are really usable in India! :( Even the front page background does not have those info squares highlighting in the India page! Heck not even the Bing Android App is available in India. Windows Phone in India is joke – the map is half baked. Local entries are stale. Business Listings are minimal. I am not sure why Bing does not show any love towards India which has the 3rd largest population on the net. Why this discrimination? Is there any official stand on whether Bing is interested in targeting countries like India or is the focus going to be only the US of A?

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