Coming to a Windows Phone Near You: Mango

Coming To a Windows Phone Near You: Mango

The Windows Phone team officially unveiled their next major release, codenamed Mango, today. Over here at Bing we are just as excited as they are about the great new features this release includes but naturally, the expanded Bing features are what really get us pumped up, so let’s start there.

Some of our favorite new Bing features include:

  • Bing vision and music search for identifying and learning more about products and music.


  • Local Scout provides hyper-local search results, powered by Bing, and recommendations for nearby restaurants, shopping and activities in an easy to use guide.


  • Cards give you handy summaries of relevant info (including related apps) for products, movies, events or places you search for with Bing.

Mango, to be available this fall, includes hundreds of new features and improvements including easier communications, smarter apps, and the on-phone Internet experience. Mango packs a mobile version of Internet Explorer 9, which supports HTML5 and full hardware acceleration.

For more new features in the Mango release and details check out the Windows Phone blog post here, and Channel 9’s interview with Joe Belfiore, corporate vice president of Windows Phone. Also be sure to catch the live Windows Phone Facebook chat today at 5:30 p.m. Eastern.

Andy Chu, Director, Bing for Mobile

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  1. hAl

    Could you inform us which over those features will actually come to us?

    I live in the Netherlands and I am afraid that a lot of those features will not be availalbe to us.

    We are still waiting for any of Bing basic features to be rolled out after two years.

    Now Mango is supposed to bring us the above mentioned new features which look that they they might not be here in Europe for the next two years (or more) either.

    Do you understand that Nokia which will be a major Mango release player is a European company and that its customers expect all the new features that Mango brings to be available to European customers.

    Nokia could flop its Window Phone release if you release Mango with many features only available to Americans and not to the rest of the world.

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