Top New Year’s resolution searches for 2010: Will weight loss be on peoples’ minds for 2011?

As 2010 comes to a close, it’s time to reflect on the year.  If you’re like us, it’s a time to say goodbye to old habits and start pulling together a list of New Year’s resolutions. 

With that in mind, we thought it would be interesting to take a look at the most popular New Year’s resolutions for Bing- comparing resolution searches made in January 2010 to November and December 2009. 

Last year the most popular resolution was to lose weight, with double the weight-loss related searches landing in January, compared with November and December.  The most popular weight loss terms were:

  • Calories
  • Calorie counters
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)

Fitness came in second last year, with about half as many users doing exercise-related searches as those looking specifically for diet and weight loss.  Many of the searches were for exercise and home gym equipment including treadmills, tread-climbers and Bowflex. . 

The below data shows the percent increase for specific weight-related terms searched from November to December 2009.

New Year's Graph

These searches were four to five times more popular in January than in the two prior months. We also saw a 24% increase in people looking for classes of various kinds, from educational to recreational, in the month of January.

So as you reflect on 2010, here’s to starting 2011 off with a fresh start.

Happy New Year!

– The Bing Team

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  1. rakhi-chowdhary

    True, new year resolution to control weight. I am expecting more posts on health, nutrition as with fast life people take fast food and are more workholic and so are less caring for their diet and food habits. Obesity is resault of untimely food, tension, junk foods and lot more. Hope this new year I loose few calories.

  2. cambridgedelight

    Bing is a decent competitor to Google, but not a really formidable one. To me, the differences are mostly a matter of taste. Google’s interface says, “You wanna search for something? Let me get outta your way!” Bing’s interface says, “Aren’t baby seals cute? It’s a great day to search, isn’t it?” Bing is more decorative and fun. Google is more Spartan and its controls are easier to spot on the page. But query “IBJ” and both come up with right at the top, along with related searches and additional links. Google works well with its own Gmail, while Bing integrates with Microsoft’s Hotmail.

  3. Geldmachen

    It's the same thing every year… and most people fail with their resolutions.

    Why wait to 1.1. to change your life? Do it NOW, no matter which date, just start NOW.

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