Bing and National Geographic bring world-class photos to you on Bing Homepage

Some things just naturally go together: Fred and Ginger; Bogart and Bacall; peanut butter and jelly. Today, I’m incredibly pleased to announce another natural partnership: Bing and National Geographic.

Several times each month we’ll feature some of
the stunning photos from National Geographic photographers on Be sure to look for the link to
the story where the image originally appeared so that you can see even more of
their stunning images.


And if you love the photos on Bing, why not make your default homepage
to make sure you don’t miss any!

We hope you enjoy this partnership as much as we do!

Stephanie Horstmanshof

Managing Editor

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  1. Ducatibabu

    Good share… Tnx.. Bing team…

  2. hotels

    I like National Geographic photos they are beautiful.

  3. veerun14

    yup, it is long overdue…nice going…

  4. Jon.T

    This is great! Beautiful photos can spark one's imagination, you know.

  5. GirlyGirl

    NIce work! Here's an idea: put the entire National Geographic back index, including all photos, into Bing so it can be searched, by word, by image, by graph, by ad, by page, by whatever.

  6. kayleigh50

    I have always enjoyed the photos on Bing. Natural Geographic is a perfect fit. I also like hunting for the facts about the photo!

  7. AdamXENO

    Nice. Those photos are great.

  8. pmedinah

    Very good Bing!!!!!

  9. joetinak

    nat.geo.alway's have great pic's…

  10. Mohamad.Mirali

    Nice work , guys good luck

  11. stira_test

    Good share… Thanks.. Bing team…

  12. aselmani

    Excellent news. Thanks.

  13. Eule462

    Always delightful to find Bing Search each and every day

    with an another fresh Nat. Geo. photo in background. Great work.

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