Discover the perfect Windows Phone 7 app with Bing

We have teamed with Windows
to help you find the perfect app. Announcing the Bing
Visual Search Gallery for Windows Phone 7 apps.

If you’re in the US or UK, you can now use Bing Visual Search Gallery (VSG)
to quickly and easily narrow the library of Windows Phone 7 apps down to the
precise one you’re looking for .

Whether you’re looking to sort by category- say games, music or productivity-
or by price, rating, top downloads or the ever popular “free”, we’ve got you
covered. On the left rail, we provide easy to use filters that allow you to
focus your search and find what you’re looking for in a matter of clicks. If you
want to check to see if a popular app is available, just type the name into the
search bar. 


What do you do once you’ve discovered a great app? Just click the link to the
app and Bing will display the details page with a direct link to Zune
Marketplace, where you can download the app to your PC and wirelessly sync to
your phone via Zune. If you’re interested in discovering which Windows Phone is right for you can
also check out the Windows Phone 7 VSG here.

WP7 Device


- The Bing Team

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  1. bouka55

    good work, its certainly easier to search for apps on the computer than on the tiny phone screen!

  2. Lloyd Wood Devix

    Great app

    Lloyd Wood Devix Prop

  3. Alsace Web Agency

    "If you’re in the US or UK, you can now use Bing Visual Search Gallery"

    and if not??? what about other countries?

  4. stefan.r.g

    would be alright if it wasn't restricted (YET AGAIN) to USA/UK only………….

    like with everything BING.. it's not for the rest of the world it seems as yet..

    (Please hurry up)

  5. giju

    for bing and microsoft, the world is just US, Canada and sometimes UK. Bing in India is half baked, no Zune, no Windows phone 7.

  6. justinewill17

    Nice collection of apps. this would be a  great for the win7 phone owners

  7. Panacea78

    Hi "bingteam" -> windows phone 7 is not only available in UK and US. it is also available in Austria, Germany ….. when will this feature be available for this countries?

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