Fired Up for Windows Phone 7

This week, Microsoft took the wraps off Windows Phone 7, as reviewers have begun publishing in-depth reviews of the new experience from Windows Phone (congratulations to our colleagues over in Windows Phone Team ). Like lots of others at Microsoft, we’re device geeks who couldn’t wait to get our hands on what is shaping up to be an elegant, intuitive experience spanning lots of the common things we all need to get done each day.

Not surprisingly, what excites us the most is what the team has done with Bing on the Windows Phone 7. There have been some very positive reviews of the experience as a whole and it’s great to see how the team’s work integrating a native Bing experience has been received. Here are a few highlights:

· “Bing Search is a beautiful experience on the Windows Phone 7 device with amazing background images, fun trivia associated with the images, and a powerful search/decision engine.” Matt Miller/ZDNet

· “Naturally, Bing and Bing Maps are built into the phone as the default search and maps services. They’re nice, smartly contextual, and very location-oriented.” Matt Buchanan/Gizmodo

· “The Bing UI has been neatly brought in line with Microsoft’s Metro design language, and there are numerous neat animation touches.  Zooming out, for instance, eventually flips the map from normal to satellite view, while there’s similarly clever use of zooming to show your own location in relation to search results or destinations. Vincent Nguyen/Slashgear

Here are some screenshots that will give you a feel for Bing on Windows Phone 7.

First, the team delivered nice fidelity to the Bing homepage.


With some common tasks like weather, Windows Phone 7 provides a visually compelling view on weather data from Bing. Notice the beautiful Swiss-inspired typography.


The Windows Phone team included access to some very useful task completion features like flight status answers.


Mapping is well integrated, including elegant navigation for driving or walking.


Windows Phone 7 has a smart experience for finding local listings like restaurants and attractions.


And the team did a beautiful job bringing reviews into the business details.


As you can see, there is lots of cool stuff coming from our friends at Windows Phone. What we can’t show you here is the amazing impact that touch, animation and interaction have on all of these search experiences. Windows Phone 7 is a very different approach to elegant interaction design; it’s almost painful to flatten these designs into screenshots.


It’s great to experience Bing on Windows Phone 7. We can’t wait until these devices are in the market and see what you think.

Erik Jorgensen, Corporate Vice President, Online Services Division


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  1. Quality Directory

    I can wait till October to get a real feel of this OS for phone.

  2. CodeSe7en

    LOVE!  I can't WAIT to get this phone later this year!

  3. Amit Bhawani

    Is this phone going to be sold in India?

  4. FremyCompany

    Does it support computations and conversions like "9 USD to EUR" or "3 centimeters to inches" ?

  5. OldRedGuard

    I've been waiting for this so I can finally get a new phone after 4+ years. But will this appeal to iPhone and Android users? So far i haven't seen anything revolutionary. Maybe MSFT will do something about the data plan pricing with the (greedy) carriers?

  6. enricog

    make sure this is not a US-only UI/features or at least allow people in Europe to choose the US version of it!!!

    I was so pissed when I realized the Bing app for iphone/ipod touch was US only!

  7. craig.a.pennington

    The black background may be elegant, but makes text MUCH harder to read.  Note that we never print books or newspapers with white on black.  I trust I can override the color theme.

  8. FremyCompany

    I just tested it, it don't support either calculations (5+3) nor conversions (9 EUR to USD). This is very bad since it's something we're going to do a lot more on our phone than on our computer…

  9. nutterguy

    To tell you the truth I very much doubt that Bing (on Desktop or Windows phone 7) will ever be half as good as Google for Irish users. It's 1 year old and still in Beta!

    I say this as a Bing user and I wish local results where better but Bing is zero competition to Google in the Irish market at the moment. Geolocation is totally wrong most of the time, basic addresses cannot be found in Bing, almost no businesses can be located on Bing maps and almost 80% of Ireland is missing even passable satellite imagery.

    This will be a large problem for Microsoft if they ever want to break into Ireland with Windows Phone 7 as this country is currently infested with iPhones running Google search. As it stands Google on an iPhone will provide a far better experience and results than what I have seen so far with Bing on Windows Phone 7.

    I'm hoping that will change. 😀

  10. giju

    Please tell me it will be available in India too!

  11. stefan.r.g

    This looks really good.. (Yes I want a Windows 7 Phone)


    This NEEDS TO be what we see outside of the USA…. (Bing Australia etc)

    We see great stuff about Bing (Maps, Entertainment etc) BUT it's only USA Data, useless to me here in Australia and in other countries.

    MS is a Global company.. please treat your Overseas customers with as much goodness as you do your local lads and ladies

    PS this works for Zune as well…….

  12. cellhub

    i am waiting to get this.

  13. smikleson

    I was very fond of the Movies search functionality in the old Live Search for Windows Mobile.. it listed all local theaters and you could easily switch back and forth between theaters and showtimes. Some of this magic is lost in the new Bing where movies is shoehorned into Web results.

    Another thing, will you ever bring back Gas Prices search? As for Bing on WP7, will there be an image search as there is on iPhone?

    I think you can make WP7 Bing Maps Silverlight smooth, as you've done on the desktop. Streetside view would also be great. Thanks for all your hard work

  14. JPaulDuncan


    They don't print white on black in newspapers and books because that much black ink is expensive.  Has little to do with readablity.

    You think it's more readable because that's what you're taught to read since day one.

  15. TriAxis

    I am so excited for the whole white font on black background. It will be way more readable, especially in the sunlight. Currently I have to have my backlight all the way up to read stuff on my phone in the Florida sun. Once I have a black background, it will need minimal lighting.

    Also with black backgrounds on AMOLED screens, it uses 50% less battery power to light up the screen. So black backgrounds will be a good change.

  16. Mansoor Ahmed

    Awesome… I just can't wait to get Windows Mobile 7 on my HTC.

  17. airmangibson

    Awesome! I so cant wait for the windows seven phone!

  18. SagaciousScribe

    This Windows Phone 7 looks like a winner, watch out iPhone!

  19. mgiovan17

    Man, I can't wait on the new OS. The Bing search engine looks awsome on the Windows Phone 7.

  20. lewisbrookfield

    Hope there making on for 6.5 :]

  21. BillVo

    Was it necessary to kill off the Bing application for Windows Mobile 6 in order for this pre-release version of Bing WP7?  

    The Bing application for Windows Mobile 6 worked great on my WM 6.1 device until earlier this month when I got a message saying I'd have to use the web site instead of this wonderful GPS-enabled installable application.  Supposed the new app only works on "high definition" screens, but the supported device list includes others with 240×320 displays.  The irony is that the new app actually returns the results of one search before showing a modal messagebox and forcing the application to exit.

    What gives, Bing team?

  22. aechague10

    Windows Phone 7 is the best mobile OS in the world, much better than Android and iOS. But please, upgrade Bing in other areas so it is competitive with Google.

  23. sevennhvn

    This Program is wondrful can't wait to get started with it!

  24. segadc

    Hopfully we get navagation like the WM6.5 version.

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