xRank™ Celebrity — check out who’s hot and who’s not!

Those of you who search for stuff related to celebrities in your spare time raise your hands.

C’mon now, don’t be sheepish about it — we know the numbers, and we know you do it because we do it, too. Here’s a thought. What if we could rank who you and all other Live Searchers like to search for?

And then there was born a child unlike its siblings, a Live Search feature whose sole purpose was to be — gasp — FUN?! Check it out here.

Image of Live Search xRank

Here are a few of the key things I want to point out:

  • The xRankTM list that is based on search volume. Honest, we’re not making this up… I don’t even like Lil Wayne that much.
  • A list for what we call “Top Movers” — celebs that are making strides up the ranks.
  • Recent news articles on buzz-worthy celebs.
  • A historical xRankTM graph that tracks popularity over time (my personal fave).
  • Links to Images, Video, Biography, plus Albums and Movies.
  • Related Celebrity thumbnails that link to other xRankTM pages.

Everyone’s xRankTM is updated several times a day to make sure we’re up to speed. Check in often!

This is still in beta, with more improvements to come. What we have now serves its purpose, but we’re all about “souping” this baby up with more features. Let us know what you think we can do to improve, especially if there is someone you think we missed.

Try it out now and lose yourself for a while.

Andy Lam, Program Manager, Live Search

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  1. Anonymous

    You could start by calling it something other than xRank. Sorry the branding just doesn’t resonate well –

  2. Anonymous

    Although I am not such a fan of following celebrities it is a nice feature for those who do. But I have to agree with Leo, why do you call it Xrank?

  3. Anonymous

    One question though, who decides who is a celebrity or not? And is this feature also available for each separate country?

  4. Anonymous

    The Netherlands will be forgotten, again. I also don’t think xRank is a good name for this feature!

  5. Anonymous

    I like the name of your feature, xRank is a nice name.

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