Unlocking insights with the new Bing Webmaster Tools Performance Report

Keeping up with the latest advancements in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial for website owners and digital marketers. Today, we are introducing an update to the Bing Webmaster Tools Performance Report that vastly expands on the data types available to help SEO professionals gain deeper insights into their website performance

Expanded Performance Metrics

The new Bing Webmaster Tools Performance Report provides a wealth of insights for website owners and SEO experts. Previously, the report focused on web and crawl indexing performance, offering a partial understanding of how Bing indexed websites. perform. With the latest update, we've improved Bing web data by combining web and chat clicks and impressions, and we now offer performance data for numerous new verticals or answers, Bing Images, Bing Videos, Bing News, Bing Knowledge Panel, and a combined view of all of them. This is in addition to the indexing report (number of URLs indexed, crawled, crawled with errors) already available today. .

Accessing Performance Data for Bing Web + Chat

New Performance Report

This update empowers webmasters to access crucial metrics, including clicks, impressions, and click-through rates (CTRs) for web and chat combined.

New Insights for SEO

By accessing granular data across most information displayed, SEO professionals can gain deeper insights into their website's performance across Bing, enabling them to compare, refine their strategies and, optimize their content and online presence to maximize clicks, impressions, and overall performance.  Bing Performance help page provides detailed information on how Bing Performance counts displays and impressions.

Search Performance API Release

The Search Performance corresponding API now reports on all traffic combined instead of only web. A future update will let you access data per area, like on the web site.

Future Performance Report Extension

Keywords and URLs are currently reported only for the web. We are considering expanding and reporting this data to other areas.

Fabrice Canel and Saral Nigam
Bing Webmaster Tools team