Access to Instant Indexing: Bing URL submission API  

Bing URL Submission API offers the ability to automatically inform Bing of any content changes on your website including page additions, deletions, and updates. This helps to instantly submit your content to index and serve millions of users on Bing.  

We have seen rapid adoption of this capability with thousands of websites submitting millions of URLs. With this easy step by step guide, you can prototype URL Submission for your site in minutes and integrate to your website within days.  

Step 1: Generate an API Key   

Webmasters need an API key to be able to access and use Bing Webmaster APIs. This API key can be generated from Bing Webmaster Tools by following these steps:   

  1. Sign in to your account on Bing Webmaster Tools. In case you do not already have a Bing Webmaster account, sign up today using your Microsoft, Google or Facebook account.  

  1. Add & verify the site that you want to submit URL for, through the API, if not already done.  You can verify your site using XML, metatag, DNS record or import your site directly from Google Search Console. 

  1. Click on Settings at the top left of the navigation menu. Select API access. 


  2. Now click on API key. 

  3. If you are generating your API key for the first time, click “Generate API Key“. If you have already generated the API key, you will see your key here.  

Note: Only one API key can be generated per user which can be used across websites. You can change your API key anytime; change is taken up by the system within 30 minutes. 

Step 2: Integrate with your website  

You can use the JSON endpoint or the XML endpoint to send in your URL Submission API requests. 

JSON example 
Graphical user interface, text, applicationDescription automatically generated

XML example  
  Graphical user interface, text, application

Description automatically generated 
If the URL submission is successful, you will receive a HTTP 200 response. This ensures that your pages will be discovered for indexing. If your pages meet the Bing webmaster guidelines, then they will be crawled and indexed in real time. 

When should the URL Submission API be called? 
Websites can call URL Submission API when there are: 

  • New pages added 
  • Old pages deleted or  
  • Pages updated 

We encourage you to integrate such a solution in your Web Content Management System to let Bing auto discover your new content at publication time.  Please refer here for more details into implementation

In case you face any challenges during the integration, you can reach out to us. Feel free to contact us if you need to adjust your daily/monthly volume of URLs submitted.  

Bing Webmaster Tools team