Introducing the Bing Webmaster Tools URL Inspection Tool

Many SEOs and webmasters have asked:  

  • “Why can’t my URL be indexed?”
  • “Where to start on improving SEO for my webpage?” 
  • “Is there a way to check my updated content without it appearing on search rankings first?” 

Here at Bing Webmaster Tools we’ve heard you when you’ve asked these questions and are aware of the frustrations you have when you want to check the quality of webpages in a holistic manner.  

The Bing Webmaster Tools URL inspection tool is a powerful tool that allows you to check and take necessary actions on URLs under the domain selected; this includes crawling, indexing, SEO and MarkUp details and errors. Not only will this tool show crawling issues, index status, SEO errors and MarkUp info to webmasters in detail but also will include appropriate messages in case URL is not shown or can't be shown in Bing search results and suggestions on required actions to resolve the same.  

Bing Webmaster Tools URL Inspection

To get started simply enter a URL for inspection. Our systems will crawl and inspect the page to provide various details along with appropriate messages and action items for potential page improvement. Key functionalities provided are: 

  • Index details – This card shows the index status and details of the URL. It includes details on each step, i.e. when and where the URL was discovered, crawled and indexed along with the option to see a HTML format and HTTP response details of the same. 
  • SEO details - This section provides details to webmasters on SEO based errors and warnings on their webpage. With approximately 15 SEO best practices in place, the tool provides detailed analysis of the errors and highlights the corresponding in-code HTML and steps on how to fix them. One can also find the errors highlighted on the page Bing scanned as it would appear on the web. 
  • MarkUp details – Checks the availability and implementation of selected structured MarkUp languages in a way which allows Bing to read the site information properly.   
  • Live Check – Often webmasters would like to determine if a page on their site can be crawled or not without requesting it for index. This feature caters to that and is especially useful in investigating content when their site may have been compromised and is for example sending different HTML to search engine crawlers than to users. 

We hope that this tool not only becomes an integral part of the arsenal of every webmasters toolbelt but also provides a structured way to update content and help you improve your search result rankings. As always, we are excited to present new features to give your more details and insights about how we crawl, discover, and index content;  especially now that we have migrated to a new and improved platform and experience.

We are here listening to your feedback as we urge you to reach out to us on Twitter and share how you feel about the tool and its effect on the empowering webmasters to increase their productivity. If you encounter any issues, please contact our support team. 

Kumar Snehansu 
Bing Webmaster Tools team