Site explorer: SEO-explore your site

Site Explorer provides a unique SEO view of how Microsoft Bing sees your site. It reflects most URLs we have seen on the web, including redirects, broken links, or those blocked by robots.txt, organized in a file explorer-like fashion. Thus, giving you the flexibility to navigate each folder and the URLs contained inside them to understand, debug and modify your site structure as required.

Site explorer SEO explore your site

Explore in a lighting fast experience, each folder and URL, inside your site’s structure and access relevant crawl information from the recent crawls of your site along with clicks, impressions and backlinks counts:

  1. Indexed – Number of URLs which have been successfully indexed inside that folder.

  2. Error – Critical crawl errors which have led to not indexing of URLs.

  3. Warning – These may include URLs with guidelines issues, temporary crawl issues or robots.txt disallowed, etc. Webmasters should periodically check for an increase/decrease in these numbers.

  4. Excluded – URLs with spam violations, low rank etc.

Site explorer SEO explore your site

The feature also gives webmasters options to inspect any URL via our URL inspection tool, to request for indexing for any specific URL, and to test any URL inside our robots.txt tester tool. Thus, making this feature a one stop solution for checking the SEO status and health of your URLs.
To provide more flexibility and easy navigation, webmasters can sort their folders and URLs alphabetically or by Microsoft Bing clicks (default) or impressions. We believe this powerful tool will enable webmasters and SEO experts to slice and dice their URLs based on various functionalities and debug or cater to them according to the need to improve their ranking on search results.

We are excited to present this feature to our users, especially now that we have migrated to a new and improved platform and experience. We are here listening to your feedback as we urge you to reach out to us on Twitter and share how you feel about the tool and its effect on the empowering webmasters to increase their productivity. If you encounter any issues, please contact our support team.

Microsoft Bing Webmaster Tools team