Releasing Additional Features in New Bing Webmaster Tools Portal and OAuth Support for Bing Webmaster APIs

In March 2020 we launched an update to the Bing Webmaster Tools portal with refreshes of the Search Performance report, Sitemaps tool and Backlinks tool. As promised, we are continuing to add new features to the portal as we move all functionalities from the previous Webmaster Tools experience to the new updated interface.

With that promise in mind, we are delighted to announce three additional features migrating into the new Bing Webmaster portal:  
  1. URL Submission – The most popular tool in Bing Webmaster, Submit URL, is now updated. Using this tool, users can submit URLs to Bing for real time indexation.
  2. Block URL – This tool can be used to temporary prevent any URL from appearing in the search results. This feature can also be used to clear Bing’s cache for a URL in case you have updated the page.
  3. Crawl Control – This tool can be used to control the speed of crawling of your site by Bingbot. It lets you set the hourly crawl rate using a template or through a custom setup based on your site’s traffic pattern.
As in the previous feature release, the users will be able to use the current and new pages simultaneously for a short period and we will be deprecating the current pages for these features in a few weeks.
In addition to the above features, we also announce that Bing Webmaster APIs can now also be accessed through OAuth2.0 to enable delegated access to registered site owner's data. The OAuth option is present in the new portal in the “API Access” section under Settings in the header bar. The existing users of Bing Webmaster APIs will not have to change anything as validation through API keys are also operational. You can check more details for accessing APIs through OAuth here.

Manage credentials for oAUTH API access
To check out the new portal you can login or sign-up to Bing Webmaster Tools.
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Look out for more exciting features coming soon to Bing Webmaster Tools.

The Bing Webmaster Tools team