SEOPress speeds up indexing for WordPress sites with full IndexNow

By SEOPress team.

Indexing your content quickly, in just a few days or even hours, is now a reality thanks to IndexNow. The IndexNow API, is being adopted by a growing number of search engines, including Bing. As a result, more systems and businesses are also adopting IndexNow, allowing their customers to enjoy the benefits of faster indexing while minimizing the crawl load on the site.
Today SEOPress, an SEO plugin for WordPress, is proud to announce the support of IndexNow.

What’s IndexNow protocol?


By integrating the possibilities offered by the API, SEOPress allows more than 200,000 sites to be indexed more quickly and efficiently, all without any technical knowledge necessary and automatically!

As soon as content from a WordPress site is published, edited, or deleted, participating search engines are alerted via the IndexNow protocol to keep them informed of the changes. By proactively pushing updates as they are made, the traditional logic of indexing is reversed: the content owner initiates changes to the search engine index and not the other way around. 

Result: faster indexing in search results!

How to activate IndexNow with SEOPress?


SEOPress offers this integration at no cost with version 5.4. Simply go to your WordPress admin, SEO, Instant Indexing settings page.

Activate the feature across all sites by clicking the blue toggle, while making sure the “Automatically notify search engines” option is checked from the Settings tab.

There is nothing more to do and SEOPress will automatically ping IndexNow with content changes.

Long life to IndexNow!


At SEOPress, we are very excited about this significant advancement in content indexing, both for visitors who will find fresh content faster, and our users who will see it accessible to the world simply. We look forward to seeing this protocol evolve and will not fail to encourage its adoption.

SEOPress Team