Speed Up Your SEO Results with IndexNow and AIOSEO

By AIOSEO team

One of the most significant challenges SEOs face is getting their new or updated content indexed by search engines after they publish it.
That’s why Microsoft Bing, in conjunction with Yandex, launched the IndexNow protocol.

What is the Index Now Protocol (and What Does it Do)?

The time it takes for search engines to crawl and index your page can take anything from a couple of days to weeks. Unfortunately, this means your SEO efforts for that page will only start kicking in after search engines index your page.
That’s where IndexNow comes into play.
IndexNow is a new protocol that allows websites to ping search engines whenever new content is published.
The best part? You don’t have to manually request indexing!
At its core, IndexNow is about making the internet more efficient — for search engines and users. For SEOs, perhaps the biggest efficiency gain is that the IndexNow protocol minimizes exploratory crawls and improves crawl efficiency as search engines will be pinged when new content is published.
That’s why AIOSEO is excited (and proud) to be part of this revolutionary moment in the history of the internet. We’re proud to be counted among other forward-thinking brands like Cloudflare, WordPress, and others who are pioneering the adoption of IndexNow.

How Does AIOSEO Help Users Take Advantage of IndexNow?

AIOSEO is the original WordPress SEO plugin and toolkit. It currently has over 3 million active installs. Their mission is to make SEO easy, even for people with no technical expertise.

To activate and use IndexNow with AIOSEO, users can head over to the Feature Manager tab in the AIOSEO dashboard, where they’ll find the option to activate the addon.


Once activated, you can click on the “Manage” link. Doing so will take you to AIOSEO’s Webmaster Tools panel.


The green tick on the top right-hand corner of the IndexNow icon shows that you’ve successfully activated IndexNow.
Once activated, the protocol will alert search engines every time you:

  • Publish new content
  • Update old content
  • Delete posts/pages
This results in faster indexing of new content, edits, or changes on your website. In addition, by prioritizing these recent changes, the IndexNow protocol gives you more control over your SEO.
The best part: users don’t have to manually submit any URLs and don’t need to touch a single line of code to implement this feature.

IndexNow is the Future, AIOSEO will Help You Get There

The IndexNow protocol is the future of a more open and transparent internet. All other search engines using the IndexNow protocol are also alerted when one search engine is pinged.

Besides giving web admins more control of when their URLs are crawled and indexed, IndexNow also results in a better user experience for end-users. That’s because they get up-to-date, timely information. For webmasters, all benefits of IndexNow can be summed up in four words — better chances of ranking.

If you’re a WordPress user and are not using the AIOSEO plugin for nearly instant indexing, you’re missing out on many opportunities to boost your SEO. Activate the IndexNow addon today and get your content ranking faster!