6 Hours of SEO, Social, Crawling and Authority Webinars in 1 Post

We’ve had thousands of people view these webinars, but if you haven’t seen them yet, here they are again.  During the fall and winter, we put together a series of 6 webinars.  Each is about an hour long, and captures the webinar presentation, as well as the live Q&A we did during each session.

Each webinar was free and open to anyone to join, which is a format we’ll obviously keep in the future.  If there are topics you’d like covered  in future webinars, let me know and we’ll see what can be done to get them produced.  Drop your ideas in the comments below.

We covered a wide range of topics in over 6 hours of programming:

SEO 101

Started here with an overview of what to focus on, what to invest and why it matters.  For most folks, its standard stuff, but for those new to the space, it’s a useful review.

Crawling Basics

In this session we talked more in depth about how we crawl, why we crawl and what we’re looking for.  We gave tips on creating a site that search engines want to crawl, too.

Bing Webmaster Tools Overview

This webinar was designed to help folks learn more about the tools, how to use them and uncover useful data.  We walked through all of the then-current tools and covered tips and tricks for finding and interpreting data.  SEO Reports, Link Explorer, everything was covered, though we’ll need to provide some updates after our latest tools which were recently released (Site Move & Geo Targeting).

Authority Building

This webinar covered the topic of Authority.  What it means to an engine, why we seek it in sites we index and what you can do to build your own authority, with an eye towards ranking better.

Search & Social

Here we looked into the merging of search and social signals, why social plays a role in search, what you can do to leverage social and how things are evolving.

Tomorrow’s SEO

This webinar wrapped up our series with a two-level view across this topic.  First we explored the slow evolution of changing SEO tactics and pointed to ways to spot trends and be ready for change.  The second portion dealt with managing your career as an SEO, listing out what skills you’ll need to be successful in the future and explaining why.

We had a lot of fun connecting with folks through our webinars, and we’re hoping to plan more in the future.  It’s always great to make connections with folks running businesses today, and hearing directly from them what they’re working on and what type of help and support they need.

Duane Forrester
Sr. Product Manager
Bing Webmaster Tools