Link Juice

One bottle of Link Juice* and you’ll be more popular than a puppy in a sweater! Loaded with all the nutrients and goodness you need to successfully grow, a single bottle of Link Juicecontains:

100 total links:

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  • 8 .GOV links

When purchasing Link Juice, you can opt for the “anonymous” package for just a few dollars more, cloaking your activities! All links will be delivered within 90 days ensuring a natural approach (or overnight via courier if you like). Opting for the “anonymous” package will see all Link Juicepackages individually gift wrapped in plain brown paper with discrete hand labeling.

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  • Use them to plug the cracks in your foundation
  • Links are perfect for leveling unbalanced tables or chairs
  • .EDU links make perfect babysitters to ensure Mom and Dad can enjoy a night out
  • Can’t water the lawn? No problem, drop some links on there to keep things lush and green
  • Pesky delivery drones constantly buzzing your patio? Use your links to construct a giant faraday cage to keep them out…or start a collection of drones when they fly in and lose their signals
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  • Tired of ants in your sandbox? Stop using expensive cinnamon. Drizzle some guest blog links to bore them away from your space
  • Links are excellent for building or mending fences, too
  • Use links as gifts all year ‘round

All links guaranteed to be spam free, non-adult and from actual websites related to your topic!

Link Juiceis 100% organic, made from all natural ingredients, designed to help you build your success gradually.

For a monthly fee of $6,999.33 (USD) you can get started today! Join the Link Juice of the Month Club, double your total number of links and get 2 months free! For your convenience, all charges will happen automatically and on a recurring basis. If you like, you can also specify deliver of all Link Juicevia overnight courier!

Place your order today and we’ll throw in a handy Keyword Density Scanner. Designed to help understand the focus of any given page or person, ours is fortified with extra goodies to help correct grammar issues and tone. Use this handy gadget to better understand friends and family as well! Just point the scanner at the page or person and it’ll immediately tell you what’s wrong!





*Link Juice:

  • Not for internal use
  • Not for external use
  • Has no use
  • Is not real
  • You did notice this posted for April 1st, right?
  • You know…, also known as April Fool’s Day in North America…