Bringing the Power of Bing Knowledge to Webmasters

In his post Expand Your Understanding with Bing, Dr. Richard Qian, Development Lead for the Bing Index & Knowledge team, explained how Bing is enhancing the usefulness of its web search results with information about “entities” (people, places, things) by bringing the power of “Satori” — the Bing Knowledge repository — to  With already showing “snapshots” for many searches, the Bing Webmaster team has been working to bring these entity experiences elsewhere. Recently, we have started to detect entities in webpages and augment the discovered entities with links to what we call the “Bing Knowledge widget”. The Bing Knowledge widget — which only requires a few lines of script— brings the power of Satori to a website or blog, providing valuable insights directly on your page to keep your users on your site.

How it Works

When someone visits a page, Bing Knowledge analyzes it and is able to detect and markup the entities found on the page in real-time. When they want to know more about a detected entity, they can simply click the automatically generated link and Bing will show the information we have about the entity from the Bing Knowledge repository. To put the Bing Knowledge widget to the test, we have partnered with our colleagues from MSN to launch a technology preview of the widget across several of the MSN Entertainment web sites for their US visitors. For example, in yesterday’s article on MSN TV about Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco, we’ve automatically detected and marked up several entities in the page’s content. When a visitor then clicks on a linked entity they are interested in, the Bing Knowledge widget opens in compact side bar containing the rich information from Satori about the entity. On top of that, it combines this information with the best from Bing Images, News, Web Search and more. Here’s for example what you see when clicking on link for “Kaley Cuoco”:



All the additional insights you usually only get by searching on Bing.comare available right there. A little further down on the page, we’ve marked up “Big Bang”, recognizing it as a shorter variant for The Big Bang Theory, the show in which Kaley stars. Clicking the link again shows the rich “snapshot” of information that you usually see on, along with images, cast info, related searches, and web results:


Express Your Interest to Get Bing Knowledge Today

With the Bing Knowledge widget already enhancing Microsoft sites such as MSN, the Webmaster team has now been authorized to start working with third-party websites and publishers and onboard them with the Bing Knowledge technology preview, which will be made available through the Bing Webmaster Tools. We will initially only be offering this to a small set of sites, but if you are interested in getting your hands on the Technology Preview of the Bing Knowledge widget for your site or blog, head on over hereand sign in with your Microsoft account (use your Webmaster Tools account if you have one) and get added to the list today.

Apart from expressing your interest on the list, feel free to ask questions or provide feedback in the comments below.


Vincent Wehren

Senior Program Manager

Bing Webmaster Tools & Entity Experiences