New Inbound Links Feature in Bing Webmaster Tools

We are pleased to announce the release of our new Inbound Links feature.

Bing Webmaster Tools now provides registered site owners the ability to easily & intuitively retrieve data about links to their sites.  We received plenty of feedback from site owners and SEOs that expressed the importance of this data to better understand how their sites are ranked in Bing and to make the right improvements. 

 The new functionality allows you to:

• Understand the number of inbound links over a period of time to your site
• See number of inbound links by page including URL and Anchor Text details
• Export link data for offline analysis
It is important to note that the count of inbound links will be based on content stored in the Bing index vs. a complete, comprehensive count of links between every page on the Internet.
We are listening closely and adjusting our plans based on your input and feedback.  Please continue sending us your feedback, suggestions, and questions by posting a comment here or in the Bing Webmaster Tools & Feature Requests forum.

Steve Ballon – Program Manager, Bing