Recommended Reading: The Role of Content Quality in Bing Ranking

You’ve heard us talk about quality quite a bit on this blog and we can all agree that creating quality content is the only sustainable strategy in attracting and retaining visitors. Naturally, as a search engine we always aim to connect our searchers with the best content out there, so content quality plays an important part in our algorithms.  Which brings me to the “recommended reading” part:

My colleague Michael Basilyan from the Bing Content Quality Team just published an excellent post on the Role of Content Quality in Bing Ranking on the Search Quality Blog. In this post Michael delves into the “Three Pillars of Content Quality” (Authority, Utility, and Presentation) and provides some practical examples of how these pillars are applied in Bing ranking.

Needless to say, this is essential stuff for webmasters and SEOs. Enjoy!

Vincent Wehren – Senior Program Manager – Bing Webmaster Experiences

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