Posting Video Sitemaps via Bing Webmaster Tools

Video sitemaps or video mrss feeds can be submitted via Bing Webmaster Tools. This can be done either directly from the Sitemap widget on the webmaster Dashboard or from within the Sitemaps feature.

We support various video feed or sitemap formats. See this blog post for details. Processing sitemaps can take from a few hours up to a few days. If you have questions you can email at

How To Submit Sitemaps From Bing Webmaster Dashboard

You can submit your sitemap from within the Dashboard for your site in Webmaster Tools. Look for the Sitemaps widget and click Submit a Sitemap to show a text box in which you can enter the location of your sitemap file. Usually, the sitemap location will look something like if it is an XML Sitemap or you’ve created a text file instead.  Either type will work equally well.

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If you have an RSS feed that is automatically updated as you publish your content it can also be submitted here.  This is useful as it will help us capture fresh content every time you publish content.  Simply copy and paste the URL for your RSS feed into the submission form and click Submit.

How To Submit Sitemaps From The Sitemaps Feature

In addition to submitting sitemaps from your Dashboard, you can submit and manage your sitemaps in the Sitemaps feature inside Webmaster Tools located in the Configure My Site section.  In Sitemaps, you can submit a sitemap as follows:

1. Enter the full URL of the sitemap in the Submit a Sitemap text box

2. Click Submit

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After you have submitted, the sitemap will be added to the list of sitemaps. Initially the status will be Pending. After Bing has fetched and processed the sitemap, we will update the status and the other details such as how many URLs we discovered while highlighting any issues encountered.  If you see an exclamation mark in front of a status you can see additional information about an error or issue we encountered by hovering over the icon.

Video feed and mRSS help documentation can also be found in our Help & How-To section.

Joseph Laria
Sr. Program Manager

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