The Chicken Cometh

From ice flows to jungles, our industry has embraced wildlife as a way to communicate change.  Who’d have expected creatures we thought so endearing would wreak havoc and turn worlds upside down.  Between penguins and pandas and honey badgers, the changes have been many.

While some changes have been viewed as negative, others were seen as positive.  Clearly, one cannot judge the change by its animal spirit alone. 

Could you have guessed that the kick-a$$ Honey Badger would bring you the biggest step forward in Webmaster Tools since…webmaster tools started? 

Could you have predicted that a cuddly panda was capable of decimating businesses overnight? 

But why the penguin?  Cute and inoffensive, we’ve seen more butch penguin images than have ever existed in the history of mankind since it was co-opted into the role as a shield!

Alas, all in the name of marketing.  Honey Badgers take no crap.  Penguins and Pandas are cute and cuddly; all the better to send the message “Don’t fear us…” while… Well, you know.

And if you look well back in history, you’d see that before there were animals frolicking in our midst, we were dancing to a lone drummer’s beat.  Those were trying times indeed, with frequency set at almost a monthly cadence; with many businesses fretting over what the next shift would bring.

For the most part, however, change is good.  With every loss, there is a win.  Behind almost every change is a need.  Spammers must be countered, quality enhanced, new features added and useful tools brought forward.

If you scan history, it’s unlikely you’ll find any meaningful reference to man putting pandas, penguins or honey badgers to work in any capacity that aided our efforts.  I mean, no one ever harnessed up a panda to plow a field, did they?  Ever set a penguin loose to turn a grist mill?  And you can flat out forget about taming a honey badger! (NSFW language in the video)

Which brings us to the fowl-du-jour.  The Chicken.  That helpful critter flapping around the yard, leaving behind little orbs of deliciousness.  Very helpful the chicken.

At this point, the only real question to focus on, is what will the Chicken bring forth?

Duane Forrester
Sr. Product Manager
Bing Webmaster Tools

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