Bing Webmaster Tools Search and Social Webinar

Yesterday saw almost 300 people attend our Search and Social webinar live and in person.  As promised, here’s the video recording of that session.  It’s another long one.  We were tracking well on time, then blew the clock apart with an excellent round of Q&A with lots of participation!  Thanks to everyone who attended, and for those who couldn’t make it, the video…



There’s one more webinar in the series gang, so get registered here to spend time learning about Tomorrow’s SEO on February 21st at 9AM PST (Noon EST).  We’ll be talking along two main lines for this next one.  First will be how to think of SEO in the future and second will be the skills you’ll need to be hired as an SEO in the future.

Past webinar videos can be found here in order:

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