Webmaster Tools Authority Building Webinar Video

Earlier today we ran the Authority Building webinar from the 6 part series we’ve been recording since late November.  Today’s webinar talked about what Authority is, how to build it, how to leverage it and the role it plays in how you ultimately rank.  It was another packed webinar with a ton of Q&A going on, so during the video you’ll notice a couple times when we stop to catch up on questions and provide answers to folks.  This one rings in at just over an hour gang, so grab your lunch and enjoy!


Here’s a recap on the past webinar videos and what’s still yet to come during February.

You can register here for the upcoming webinars in February:

February 7thThe Overlap of Social and Search @ 9AM PST

February 21stTomorrow’s SEO @ 9AM PST

Videos for the past webinars can be found as follows:

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  1. zenbuy

    Who is the author of this webinar?

  2. Duane Forrester

    I am the author – Duane Forrester from Bing.

  3. ams1

    Duane Forrester

    Can you please care to help resolving this false malware alert by bing. Our post is at http://www.bing.com/…/679331.aspx

    The webmaster customer support at bing has been very poor, and to date there has been no resolution.

    Thank you.

  4. Duane Forrester

    @ams1 – replied in the forum

  5. ams1


    There are no third party sources as you suggested. Pages are clean and so are the servers.

    Bing has still done nothing about our FALSE malware alerts. It has been 9 weeks today!!!! It has not reverted back with an update.

    If there was a serious malware issue as bing is claiming, then google would detect it too but it has not for the last 9 weeks. Why  is BING in denial of this.. Is it considering its malware detection system superior than google?


    Thank you.

  6. macgizmoguy

    Great insight, Duane. Thanks for a truly 'Big Picture' of developing niche authority — and especially for your cautions on 'Not doing a/b/c because you think you'll gain x/y/z' sorts of insights.  And also that Authority isn't something one 'manufactures' – but much more organic – it's something that when properly tended, grows.

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