Video killed the radio star, but we still want your videos

Feeds allow Bing to easily learn about the videos on your website. The purpose is to help Bing include your video content in the Bing index, which may not have otherwise been discovered by Bing’s web content crawlers.  Submitting a feed provides you with a higher assurance that your videos will be included in the index in a more complete and timely manner.   In addition, the feed can provide Bing with rich descriptions (i.e. metadata) about your videos that can be helpful for better understanding by users.

The Bing Media feed specification is an optimized media RSS (mRSS) feed for inclusion in the Bing Video index.  It specifies three types of video feeds : full back-catalog feeds (aka “full feed”), incremental update feeds (aka “incremental feed”), and expire feeds.  All three have different purposes, but all share the same structure and format.  The Bing mRSS video specification document covers optional and required tags, date/time format, and includes a complete example of a video feed. 

Bing can also support other feed or sitemap protocols.  Please contact Bing Content Feed Support for inquiries.

Other Feed or Sitemap formats:

Media RSS

Media RSS  supplements the enclosure element capabilities of RSS 2.0 to allow for more robust media syndication by handling other media types, such as short films or TV, as well as provide additional metadata with the media

RSS 2.0 with media enclosures

RSS enclosures is an older standard that specifies how to attach multimedia content to RSS 2.0 feeds by providing the URL of a file associated with syndicated entry.   This has largely supplanted by media RSS feeds

Yahoo mRSS specification

The Yahoo mRSS specification is similar to Bing’s mRSS and could work on a basic level. However Bing mRSS specification adds several enhancements. For details on the yahoo mRSS see:

Google Video Sitemap

Google adheres to Sitemap Protocol 0.9 as defined by

For further information or details refer to Google webmaster

Baidu Internet video open protocol.

It is an XML based markup format used by Baidu web partners to include video content into the Baidu search index.  For further information refer to Baidu Webmaster

Also with sufficient advanced notice, Bing Video may be able to extend support to a custom feed that conforms a well formatted XLST.   Contact Bing Content Feed Support for additional for more information.

Joseph Laria
Sr. Program Manager

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  1. vansavane

    Does mRSS work for mobile?

    Mobile Bing's video search result page only shows youtube videos.

  2. Strollax

    Uh.. there are many kind of video sitemap

    Btw, where is Yandex's video sitemap?

  3. etonejoe

    Hi Va,

    The mRSS is for video.  There are two types of mRSS feed: a full catalog feed and an incremental feed. The incremental feed can be refreshed daily, weekly, or hourly in order to grab the freshest content from your site.

    Bing video has videos from many sites.   The search results depend on many factors that relate to the query and the videos itself.

  4. chat

    Yes! What Scott said above. I've been wanting to make more use of this feature since my site uses a ton of URL parameters. But there are two things standing in my way:

    1. I have no idea what "enabled" and "disabled" mean in this context and the help does not address this.

    2. There is a low limit on the number of parameters allowed. Large/enterprise web sites (particularly e-commerce sites) can have thousands of parameters.

    Many thanks for constantly improving and iterating on the solutions in Bing Webmaster Tools

  5. houstonluaucatering

    Thanks etonejoe, that was exactly the advice I was looking for. So the mRSS is for video ONLY?

  6. ErikaMamber

    Hi! The link above the the Bing mRSS video specifications document goes to a 404 . Is there a new location for this document?

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