Managing Bingbot – crawl control in your hands

I don’t mean “in your hands” as in on your smartphone, as an app, etc.  “In your hands” here means under your control.  Putting the power with the people, though I admit that an app would be super cool for this feature. Hmmm…..

What we’ve covering in this video is how to control Bingbot through Webmaster Tools.  Well, less about the actual how (find that here) and a bit more about the “why you want to”.

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  1. Nonako

    really awesome!

  2. ksuarsana

    So far, bingbot seems so slow

  3. aziez

    There is seo on bing same or help for seo to google?? If yes, what is solution for my blog on bing webmaster??

  4. jenny67

    bing bot it's very lazy working

  5. houstonluaucatering

    This is pretty dang cool. Come on Bing!

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