Submitting your content directly to Bing

Four easy ways to make sure your content gets in, or back in, to the Bing index.

  1. URL/Domain submit – submit your domain to us if you have a new website.
  2. Submit URL feature inside Bing Webmaster Tools, under the Index tab

  3. Reinclusion request support via out email support form
  4. RSS feed submission via our Sitemap Submit feature under the Crawl tab inside Bing WMT

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  1. alhadrami

    very excellent tutorial i did that and it helps me a lot


  2. sitediscoverer

    Thanks for the tutorial. Just submitted 10 URLs today. Waiting for results.


  3. Harold Besch


  4. terencecoza

    Great post. I have only submitted the sitemap of my site

  5. Adrianch

    Thanks for the video, I will submit my site map right away


  6. London Builders

    Hi Duane

    A quick question : How long it takes for a link to be indexed ? And what is the time difference between a submitted link and waiting for Bing to index the link ?


  7. Effing Boingmofo

    Meh. Sitemaps are not worth the effort to maintain for me. Unless for completely new sites that requires to get in the Results quicker.

  8. romirizalli

    Nice info for us, i already submit page to bing search engine


  9. Sukma

    its really tutorial for better website thanks

  10. allseasonjewelry

    thanks you so much for  information,,very help full tutorial

  11. kudahitam

    This is very useful tips for me. Thank you Mr. Duane Forrester

  12. Alok Saharia

    I have done this work for my blog before.. but still not so many pages are indexed.. what to do??

  13. Corso

    Excellent tutorial. I have found an interesting tool to check PR, backlinks, etc…

  14. TeluguMuchatlu

    any input on video sitemaps and rss feeds sitemaps is appreciated.

  15. Vikrant Baba

    if submitted to bing, will it appear automatically in yahoo search as well ?

  16. Wannaporn


  17. LB1

    Hi, that video gave me some great information but I was looking for something else.  I have been trying to submit a shopping feed to Bing. I have called, emailed and have gotten no results.  We have the feed ready to submit but we are still waiting for an approval email.  This process has been so frustrating.  Can you please tell me what I need to do to get this fixed?  

    In the past Bing has been very good.  This process should not be this complicated.  

    I am submitting my site map, and I will do as the video instructs to submit some new URLs, I just hope the process goes better than the shopping feed.

    Thank you.

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