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Earlier this week, folks using their Bing Webmaster Tools would have noticed a new tool slipped into the mix.  On the “Crawl” tab, you can now find a link to the Markup Validation Tool.  This tool is a great way to understand if the added code is actually going to be readable, as intended.  While the markup code being inaccurate will not cause your page to render any differently in most cases, having the syntax incorrect can affect our ability to use the data as you intend.  Now you can easily check URLs for valid markup code from inside your webmaster tools account.


The tool scans for the most common markup languages, and will display them if they are properly implemented:

When you enter a URL into the tool, the system will scan the URL and show the data we’ve found, when it is implemented correctly.

If you scan a page which does not have any markup installed, or where the markup is not installed correctly, you will see an error message.

 If you are experiencing errors when using the tool to check your markup installation, please reference the links provided above to ensure you are using the code as intended within the parameters specified for each language.

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  1. CrampedFingers

    Sweeeet. I'll have to wait to try and use it though, it doesn't appear to be working right now.

  2. mosley

    Great to see, but what schema objects does it recognize, as it does not seem to pick up product.

    Is there a list of items thart Bing recognizes?

    My product items seem to be correct, and they work in the Google tool.

    An example thatsit.com.au/…/seo

  3. Wallpaper Dave

    Thanks for this enhancement to the webmaster tools, it's getting there. :) My site isn't detected at the moment, so I'm going to look at adding in the supported structured markup. Looks pretty nice!

  4. Aaranged

    Nifty new addition – thanks Duane!

    I saw then I tested the tool that one could enter URLs that were not associated with the account in question in Bing Webmaster Tools.  So why not (additionally) make this tool available outside of WMT, in the same way that Google provides its rich snippets testing tool to all and sundry?

  5. Vijender

    A good addition to Bing Webmaster tools.

    Tried verifying the markup for a url on my site http://www.mbatidbits.com/…/xat-2012-results-are-released and the tool reported incorrect markup but no specific reasons for the same.

    My suggestion would be to also list out some hints as to what could be the reasons for the same so that webmasters can look into the specifics of those.

  6. yokoz

    This information I was looking for, the information is very useful for me

  7. TeluguMuchatlu

    Good information..but lots of work to do..markups , Snippets, Schemas, Microformats….  

  8. lO.Ol

    when will Bing start use the markup in search results.

    Google is already showing our product tags (Schema) price, in stock ect.. with search results

  9. sidewalkbranding.co

    HTML Microdata, Microformats, RDFa, Schema, H-card, Open Graph whatever you call it – search engines like Bing are talking a lot about it, and from my experience the visual it creates in SERP is a nice differentiator for small business.  I wish there was a greater local SEO value prop than that though.  Perhaps someday – but not today.

  10. robert.collins

    The tools don't appear to be picking up my hCalendar marked up events. Are there any examples of Bing validating this correctly?

  11. xtra_solution

    Can anybody help me .. why my blog not valid when i test into bing markup validator but when i test into google rich snippet tool its work.

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