Webmaster Tools Markup Validation Tool

Earlier this week, folks using their Bing Webmaster Tools would have noticed a new tool slipped into the mix.  On the “Crawl” tab, you can now find a link to the Markup Validation Tool.  This tool is a great way to understand if the added code is actually going to be readable, as intended.  While the markup code being inaccurate will not cause your page to render any differently in most cases, having the syntax incorrect can affect our ability to use the data as you intend.  Now you can easily check URLs for valid markup code from inside your webmaster tools account.


The tool scans for the most common markup languages, and will display them if they are properly implemented:

When you enter a URL into the tool, the system will scan the URL and show the data we’ve found, when it is implemented correctly.

If you scan a page which does not have any markup installed, or where the markup is not installed correctly, you will see an error message.

 If you are experiencing errors when using the tool to check your markup installation, please reference the links provided above to ensure you are using the code as intended within the parameters specified for each language.

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