Updates to Bing Webmaster Tools, data and content.

Bing has been investing in building its Webmaster Tools for a while now, and today we’re announcing some of the most recent updates. We spent a lot of time earlier this year meeting with people at search conferences to understand what new features they wanted to see from us, and what current features we could support further. We also gathered feedback on what helpful content should exist within our webmaster space. Through the Honey Badger update, as we’re calling it, you’ll see noticeable investments in both areas as we launch a revised webmaster experience here at Bing. In fact, you can count on more monthly content being added in the near future as we work through a list of topics we’ll be covering. Below you will see some of the investments on the feature side and on the content side.

Here is a walk-through of some of the major features and improvements Bing Webmaster account users will see:

  • Crawl delay configurable by the hour

    • Users can ask us to crawl slower during peak business hours and have us crawl faster during off-peak hours
    • Simple drag-and-drop functionality allows you to create a crawl graph by clicking and dragging your mouse pointer across the graph. You can easily fine tune by clicking individual columns, too.
    • Feature enables dedicated pre-set crawl settings for AJAX websites


  • Index Explorer

This is a complete rewrite of the Index Tracker backend focusing on the following tenants:

  • Freshness
  • Performance
  • Extensibility
  • Reduced machine footprint
  • Stability and failure detection
  • New sites will have Index Explorer data the moment they sign up


  • User and role management

    • Site owners can now grant admin, read / write, or read-only access to other users for their site using their existing verification code
    • They can also grant users access to parts of their sites (subdomains or folders)


Beyond the updated and enhanced features, Bing Webmaster Tools is also launching detailed self-help guides and how-to documents. We’re covering a wide range of topics in this initial release, from how to accomplish tasks within Bing Webmaster tools, to what you should be focused on when performing search engine optimization. Here’s a quick peek at some of the list of new content topics we’re covering:

  •  Using Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Webmaster Tools Data explained
  • How to perform Link Building
  • Removing or blocking pages from our index
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) guidance
  • Managing URL parameters
  • Implementing Rich Snippets (www.schema.org)
  • Managing Canonicalization (duplicate content)
  • Using the <rel=”nofollow”> tag
  • Managing redirects
  • 404 page management
  • Rich Media and Search

This is a snapshot of the over 40 new guides and how-to documents we’re launching. Watch for new content to appear monthly as we invest further in explaining features and highlight areas of work webmasters are focused on.

Visit Bing Webmaster Tools to see the new features in your account, and to access the new content.

– Duane Forrester, Bing

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  1. rei.webmaster.tools

    Fantastic update that is helping me re-invest my time in Bing Webmaster Tools.  Your work here addresses some of my biggest needs from the toolset as a data-hungry web marketer. Thanks so much for letting Honey Badger out into the world and here's hoping that Honey Bee and Honey Ant follow not too far behind… :)

  2. Mayenne

    This is a great improvement. Making crawl delay configurable is a fantastic idea; I don't recall Google offering that on GWT. Keep up the good work!

  3. Duane Forrester

    Thanks for the feedback guys. :)  Glad to hear you feel these investments are on the right track.

  4. seosem

    Nice update guys! And good to meet you at SMX Duane. I especially appreciate the ability to specify crawl hours. For a huge site like Yellowpages.com it really does make a significant difference, helping our architects manage the load on our servers.

  5. seosem

    FYI, the above comment is from me, John Cole of AT&T Interactive.

    I forgot that our general account login isn't personalized!

  6. hmcnally

    You know what would be nice?  Being able to get updates from this blog w/o being signed in with my Hotmail account.  The only time I see these posts are after I've been using Bing Webmaster Tools.  No need for authentication on this blog, let's be serious.

  7. RSIInsurance

    Interesting post.  Why can't you upload videos to bing? like you can on Youtube etc.

  8. Forest Parks

    Did the update make any changes to Bing indexing? I welcome them but since the update was announced my indexed pages have halved and my site isn't indexing quickly. I am talking to customer support but they have been fobbing me off with stock answers.

  9. Forest Parks

    Sorry I did not mean " isn't indexing quickly". I meant my site isn't indexing properly. Each and every new post is only indexing with the website name and not the name of the post, big problem and no changes were made to my site!

  10. hotels

    This is great I prefer if bing crawls during off peak times but having the option of crawling at pek times is good also.

  11. Duane Forrester

    @seosem – thanks John. 😉

    @hmcnally – not sure why that's happening – you CAN access this blog without being logged in – I do so several times each day.  I'll insert the usual suggestion of clearing your cache & cookies and trying again.  It's the standard starting point for troubleshooting.  If that doesn't fix it, ping back and I can escalate, but I'll need the steps from your end to reproduce the issue before I can do anything.

    @rsiinsurance – being discussed, thoguh I have no eta on such functionality.  Best place to discuss that topic would be in the main search blog or forums, as webmaster tools is a separate feature within Bing.

    @forestparks – the webmaster tools updates did not affect rankings in any way – they are two separate areas within Bing.  The customer service folks aren't likely "fobbing you off".  While they try to help you and remain responsive, they also circulate issues internally to the team here.  It often takes a while for us to be able to communicate back questions for calification, and if, in the end, we cannot reporduce the issue, there's little we can do.

  12. diffion.consulting

    I did not find the user management option through my account. Can any one help in the same?

  13. diffion.consulting

    I have been following Bing Webmaster for a long time. I have been done my own tests to observe the impacts of using Bing webmasters in one website and then not using the same. I really got some really good results by doing so for one website.

    I have been writing the same for same business owners, so that even if they are not professionally interested in this, they can use this for their website.




    I was really looking forward for the role based system in Bing since it helps a lot for maintenance of an account by more than one person and is surely helpful if you plan to get external help and do not want to give access in totality.

    Is this update specific to Geography, since I am not able to find an option to assign the new role through my account.

    Looking forward for reply.



  14. incatrail06

    Yellowpages.com it really does make a significant difference, helping our architects manage the load on our servers.

    atte: hotelprismacusco.com/

  15. Anonymous

    This new update will be useful.

  16. aziez

    thanks for ur solution but im still confuse cilacap.heck.in

  17. Gratian Enache

    Keep up the good work! Waiting the day when Bing beats Google ! :)

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