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Per our public notice on February 4, 2011 regarding Bing Site Owner, we have officially disabled this service. What this means to you is that customers will be redirected to a HTTP 404 error for the following circumstances:

1. Access to the and

2. Users who attempt to query in the search box produced by site owner

In order to obtain Bing search results, there are a few options:

1. For developers, you will need to move to the Bing API 2.0 in order to continue to receive web or site search results. The Bing API 2.0 offers open, flexible options for building or enhancing your site or applications. Developing an application with the Bing API 2.0 is straight forward and comes with thorough MSDN resources and an introductory primer.

2. For non-developers, there is also an RSS API that can be embedded into 3rd party widgets that integrate into websites or blogs. Integrating RSS feed widgets is as simple as copying & pasting a snippet of code to embed into your web page. Many are free and provide a fun, interactive experience for your readers and keep them coming back to your site. To begin exploring this option, do a search on Bing for “RSS Widgets” and review the RSS API resources.

Lester Jackson, Senior Program Manager, Bing

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  1. jaybo_nomad

    Hey Lester!

    Like probably several thousand other website developers I've suddenly found out my sitesearch results no longer function and need to upgrade to Bing API 2.0.  OK.  Fine.  Like several thousand other website developers I've just wasted the last hour searching for some simple drop in replacement for the old site search .aspx control.  Why, oh, why don't you provide sample code for such a usercontrol instead of making everybody re-invent this particular chunk of code?

  2. zeesilent

    thanks for nice information

  3. FlagPinRealty

    yeah, this was ridiculous. I always use Bing because I still own 1,500 shares of MSFT stock (I had 19,200 shares 10 years ago) but I am not going to resurrect my 35 year IT career just to plug in a Seach Box. I checked Google & they seem to be doing the same thing as MSFT now but they want $100/year to use it. Forget THEM. I had to resort to a Baidu Search Box because it was even easier to plug in than the old Bing Search Box. Too bad though because the old Bing Search Box was great. e me at if you ever bring it back. I really liked how I could search my own site which was really handy for new web pages that weren't indexed yet.

  4. chataddictor

    wen ll da bing box work again……………

  5. j2001rad

    Bing search offered up good search internal results on my site.  I just paid $100. for Google Site Search to find out that it is garbage.

    I'm not a developer so API is out unless someone comes up with a simple piece of code we can paste in, my site will suffer.  Hopefully someone finds another simple site search comparable to Bing's and posts it here.  Only other solution I can think of is to convert my site to WordPress and that would be way too time consuming.

  6. Duane Forrester

    chataddictor – we will not be bringing this service back.  The Bing API now powers our site search solutions.

    j2001rad – Don't throw in the towel too quickly on the API.  I've reviewed the set up documentation, and while it's complex, if you are capable of moving a site over to WordPress, you likely have the needed skills to implment the API, with a small bit of learning along the way.  I'm not a programmer by trade, but after reading the API docs, I was sure I oculd set up the API to power my site search.

  7. Prat

    Where has your branding and logo moved to? You had images hosted under siteowner that I'd like to continue using.

  8. CADCL

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  9. r4i-linker

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  10. Anonymous

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  12. Effing Boingmofo

    Embarrassing fumble by Microsoft when they're trying to take market-share from Google. ouch

  13. Rocket77

    Does this only work on IE?


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