New Inbound Links Feature in Bing Webmaster Tools

We are pleased to announce the release of our new Inbound Links feature.

Bing Webmaster Tools now provides registered site owners the ability to easily & intuitively retrieve data about links to their sites.  We received plenty of feedback from site owners and SEOs that expressed the importance of this data to better understand how their sites are ranked in Bing and to make the right improvements. 

 The new functionality allows you to:

• Understand the number of inbound links over a period of time to your site
• See number of inbound links by page including URL and Anchor Text details
• Export link data for offline analysis
It is important to note that the count of inbound links will be based on content stored in the Bing index vs. a complete, comprehensive count of links between every page on the Internet.
We are listening closely and adjusting our plans based on your input and feedback.  Please continue sending us your feedback, suggestions, and questions by posting a comment here or in the Bing Webmaster Tools & Feature Requests forum.

Steve Ballon – Program Manager, Bing

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  1. Wezley

    AWESOME! Thank you! Definitely a GREAT decision in my opinion!

  2. Jusfitu

    Interesting! I am curious if this would correlate with ‘Windows Live’ removing the ‘Read team blog’ feature link for quick access to ‘’?

  3. DisgruntledGoat

    You guys need to fix your blog, fast. Every time I came to this page I got redirected to the Bing home page, until I logged in, then it worked. Lame!

  4. mobiledealsstore

    it is such  a great news.

  5. 3mdotcom

    This tool is a real plus and much appreciated.  We run a very large site.   Would very much value a means to filter or search the pages.

  6. Fun2Friend

    This is sure great improvement, but if you improve the crawling on web sites and indexing more pages in short time so it would be awesome.

  7. ax8l

    Great ! This is something that was really missing from bing!

  8. dvduval

    I do not see in links in my webmaster tools. I am assuming this has not been rolled out to everyone.

  9. skynett

    I can understand the number of inbound links over a period of time to your site, links, URL, Anchor Text …etc. This what I need to stay on top my mysite

  10. cornwater

    This should be a great addition for all webmasters; I am looking forward to using it on my site

  11. irfanullah.jan

    I like bing webmaster tools. It is a lot better others because its interface is built on silverlight.

  12. WebKing

    Good to see added functionalities in the existing webmaster tools.

  13. fabianlaurie

    that is great new to webmasters

  14. kevpke

    Welcome Back link counter!  I've missing you  :)

  15. Herbfrywaterproofing

    Great …it's amazing feature. I will try it on my site.

  16. charu.seo

    great news….thnx for updating it..

  17. faca5


  18. yandex

    это такая хорошая новость.

  19. Liquid Cash

    I like whats happening!  I was hopping Insti way I could get more pages in bing of only 9 pages in their now and wondering how to use the new webmaster tools I am a newbie. thanks!

  20. Albany Lawyer

    Happy to see this make it's way into the Webmaster Tools. This is one thing Google could really use some help with.

  21. keesjandeelstra

    I dont see it in my Bing Webmaster Tools. Is it a 'hidden feature'? Or is it masked out of lack of  usability?

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  23. Fishman

    This is a great tool, I believe you're giving Google some competition.

  24. dusza

    I don't see it either. Please could someone who has access to the feature, let us numpties, who can't find it, where it is. Of course, it would have helped enormously if it was explained in the original post where we could find the in-bound links tool…

  25. laurent.bourrelly

    That's one of my favorite feature in Bing Webmaster Tools.

    Hope you come around with more transparency, regarding the way Bing behaves with our sites.

  26. VIEWZu

    You're starting to get it Bing. Good job.

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  27. wildnettechnologies

    It is excellent post by you.

  28. mtang

    dusza posted: "I don't see it either. Please could someone who has access to the feature, let us numpties, who can't find it, where it is. Of course, it would have helped enormously if it was explained in the original post where we could find the in-bound links tool…"

    From the menu across the top, choose Index, and then on the right choose submit URLs. You can then submit a CR seperated list of URLs, with a max of 10 per day and 50 per month. I went through, banging my 10 a day and ran out fast. It also looks like if you have more then 1 stie, the daily and monthly totals are per site, not per bing tools account. Hope this helps

    Mike – < href=""&gt;</a>

  29. anoopseo

    Thanks for sharing…really inbound link are very useful and help to understand the ranking of websites.

  30. Chakallas

    Do you suys provide keyword based search? Most of the time webmasters will be interested in other website's backlinks, yeah i am trying to get some backlinks for and yes i need to find out how other seo websites are getting backlinks.

  31. ball400rt

    Yes!  i like this

  32. Razvan Lica

    Good news, thanks

  33. prachuap_b

    Great tools ,I wait long time for this and I will monitor my site closely

  34. rahul.singh2010

    Why Bing webmaster tool not showing any details about my websites i have also create  thread regrading this

    with screen shot

  35. beautyuno

    so where is this located? I am usin Bing's webmasters tools but I found them very confusing. Like they are working against eveey logics in the world, and I do not know if this is just part of "unique" thinking or some thing else?

  36. Used Cars Under 1000

    Cool. Thanks a lot!

  37. CarnalRay

    Very useful. Another way to see inbound links and compare Bing's results and other search bots.


    This tool is a geat thing and much appreciated. ThankS=)

  39. dusza

    Thanks mtang for your help! Just in case anyone else can't find out how to get the number of inbound links to a site you have set-up in webmaster tools, here's how. Log in, then choose the web site in your list that you want to analyse. On the "Dashboard" page, just above the first set of graphs is a button labelled "Export Crawl, Index and Traffic Stats". Click on that and save or open the CSV file in Excel, or whichever spreadsheet program you use. The seventh column along reports the number of inbound links counted by Bing. Usefully, it's all dated too, so you can tell when the new inbound links were picked up (or dropped).

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  41. denialdesign

    All the inbound links for my sites tanked on April 6th / 7th. One site had 992 inbound links on the 6th and 6 on the 7th, what happened? According to Yahoo site explorer the inbound links for that site went up by 30 over the last month.

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  53. innawake

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  54. mihaitza

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  57. reactivenonsense

    WOW! This is something that was really missing from bing!

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