Your top tech tips for SEO (From the Forums)

We have another interesting conversation thread to highlight today as our latest From the Forums column selection. One of our helpful users in the Bing community posted his list of the top “45 points for SEO.” This post has generated a good many forum reader replies – most positive, a few critical, and many contributing their own additional points to the conversation.

What are your top tech tips for SEO? What have you done to improve your site? What’s been successful for you? Join in the conversation!

To see this forum conversation thread from the beginning, check out 45 points how to be the best SEO in Webmaster Center’s Search Engine Marketing (SEM) forum. Many thanks to all who have contributed to the forum community on this topic!

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to post them in our Webmaster Center forums. I’ve got many more SEM 101 posts and other, more technical blog articles coming your way soon, so stay tuned! See you again soon…

— Rick DeJarnette, Bing Webmaster Center

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