Temporary glitch for adding sites to Webmaster tools

As some of you may have experienced, our “Add a site” page has been unavailable in some locales for the past several days. This is not a site-wide or even a global issue.  Unfortunately, this happened due to an update that uncovered a bug in the original code, which caused us to disable the page in one of our data centers. The good news is that we are testing a fix now and will be releasing it to production just as soon as we are sure it will not cause further complications. I will update this post when I receive word that the fix is in production.

On behalf of all of us here in the Bing Webmaster Center team, we would like to extend our apologies and thank you for your continued patience.

–Brett Yount, Bing Webmaster Center

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  1. hollehock

    Thank you – yes, I went onto 3 different browsers thinking it was an ie or ff thing.  I'm glad to know you posted this…that's why I just joined the community to see what was up and the communication is great….while it sucks to know it's down, it's nice to know you've communicated with us that you're aware and in the process of fixing. I'm just keeping a list of sites I'll have to add once it's fixed.  Thank you again.

  2. Quality Directory

    Hi Brett, please make this post and the other one at the forum sticky: http://www.bing.com/…/650163.aspx

    DON'T ALLOW BOTH IMPORTANT POSTS TO BE PUSHED OUT OF THIS HOMEPAGE. If pushed away, just be prepared to be answering new comers who post about the same issue all over again.

  3. Alsace Web Agency

    all is OK here in France with this page.

  4. davidmac

    Thanks for letting us know

  5. bingping

    Thank you for good news, Brett. I hope it will be fixed soon.

    And I like the idea of 'official' forum stickies for similar cases.

  6. tomkay13

    I was having an issue but its all fixed now thanks Manage to add my site but its still not indexing the homepage very bizzare.

  7. surasak_nam

    Thank you

  8. alex-band

    Thanky you very much!

  9. factoring

    Thanks. Now the problem is solved.

  10. idan007i

    I cant Index my site at bing.com . I did it 4 month ago and still not getting anything ????
    any suggestions

  11. mutaaly_mahdy

    i cant also index my site. i've added my stiemap how  can i know my sitemap has index or successfully uploaded ?


  12. Anonymous

    I have a quick question about Bing Webmaster tools, and wondering if anyone can help me out.

    Google Webmaster Tools has a seperate section to add a 'News Sitemap' for your site if you have a news section on your site and want to be included in google news.  My site has a news section as well that is very very active and I'm wondering if it makes sense to upload the sitemap xml file for the site structure OR the news site?  Any information on this topic would be greatly appreciated!



  13. Anonymous

    iv got an online Saddlery Shop http://www.centralsaddlery.co.uk

    and im a bit confised as to why im ranking so well on Bing

    not that im complaining but i am curious as to why.

    anyone got any ideas?

  14. hotels

    Thanks for sharing this with us.

  15. Anonymous

    thanks a lot it's very helpful


  16. bing man

    Hope to be better. Better means more features.

  17. andycoteman

    Is the glitch adding sites to the index the cause of delays to sites being indexed correctly by Bing search engine?

  18. asadn01

    I am getting the same issue with site submission. The same issue happened couple of weeks back and I reported it. Bing tech support contact me and were able to recreate it. Seems like it is back again.

  19. xzooom1

    thanx for info , realy in past days i faced this problem but it is now solved by tech

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