Bing white paper for webmasters & publishers released

Quick note on this. We have just released a new white paper titled, Bing: New Features Relevant to Webmasters. As you might imagine, it covers the key features of Bing from the perspective of webmasters and web publishers. It also delves into how Bing affects your past and future SEO activities. Be forewarned – it is a bit long (I am a veteran tech writer, after all, and I like details and images to illustrate points). I hope you find it informative and useful.

You can download it from the Microsoft Download Center in either PDF or XPS document formats. Please take a look!

If you have any questions about the content of the new Bing for webmasters white paper, please feel free to post them in our Webmaster Center forums. Thanks!

And as you probably already realized, we didn’t have an SEM 101 blog post last week. I know, I know, what a slacker! But between developing this white paper and attending SMX Advanced last week in Seattle, I got a bit busy! Look for the next installment of SEM 101 very soon! Until then…

— Rick DeJarnette, Bing Webmaster Center

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  1. Anonymous

    I have just downloaded it. Hope to read it in the weekend.

    I was wondering why Bing cannot find our photo gallery if I put the search phrase 'shamskm, gallery' – Bing should show the url ( But I see only the main url. Although I submitted the url leading to our gallery. Is the Bing machine little slower to crawl webpages?

  2. Kimberly Saia

    Good show ol chap.

  3. Anonymous

    "Why makes changes"

    Why not check grammar?

  4. raphnix

    Got to check out your SEM 101 then. I'll be intrigued with Bing's new approach to SE Advertising.

  5. duane1976

    Just downloaded. Thank you very much. I'm looking forward to reading this and getting the info. Curious feels like Christmas opening up a new present lol. All those webmaster tools :-)

  6. Anonymous

    well done guys, very helpful source

  7. jackin

    I have downloaded the pdf file and i very much excited to know how it is useful to SEO, and i like the topic "What do I need to do for SEO with Bing?" Thanks Bing- You r great!

  8. Anonymous

    I've downloaded it and tweeted it already.

    I'll try to share my comment after reading.


  9. Charles Thrasher

    Nice work on the whitepaper. Much appreciated. It does list the URL for contacting Bing product support to report bad customer service number or include site search URL or block content from the index. That page doesn't list contact info or a form submission. I'm a bit confused.

  10. Blackery

    Very good, I will download and will see

  11. Anonymous

    there are other languages?


    Relatively good read, appreciate the pointers and new strategy of using the categorized-results as a selling point given the lax approach people have with reading down the results page. Top stuff.

  13. tms12

    Nice read :)

  14. Animatrick

    Thanks for the information.

  15. Quality Directory

    I have already downloaded Bing: New Features Relevant to Webmasters and I haven't finished reading it. So far, so good.

  16. Anonymous

    Accessing thsi Community side of Bing is not intuitive

    from the main Bing webpage.

    Perhaps you could put this in the Extras drop-down menu (I know that Blogs is listed there, but Blogs and Community are necessarily intuitively connected in the minds of users).

  17. leowang27

    really good info for us webmasters!

    thx a lot!

  18. Anonymous

    A great resource and I applaud MS for being more open to webmasters about search.

  19. Anonymous

    The white paper doesn't confidently says what to do for better SEO. Do Bing have a set of webmaster guidelines as Google has. The Google Map search results for Bing is the terrible of its kind. I have written my observation in the latest posts

  20. Anonymous

    Nice whitepaper…and from the SEO side….kinda reliefed thank you!

  21. Anonymous


    It's good!


  22. Anonymous

    Will bing be able to index dynamic content on a google map & can it follow javascript links?

  23. Anonymous

    Nice, I'm just about to start combing through this.

  24. Anonymous

    Are there a Swedish version?

  25. Anonymous

    Good guide for SEO beginners. Thanks microsoft, wish you good luck BING!

  26. Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing nice information!!!

  27. Anonymous

    I really like the "Best Match" result.


  28. rob8l2

    It is certainly refreshing seeing bing helping webmasters with seo.

  29. Anonymous

    I would like to know how Bing views inbound links from free directories.

    Some might view multiple directory submission as an attempt at gaming the system by submitting to dozens of free web directories, yet decent directories do practice manual site evaluations, insuring that suggested sites conform to certain standards.

    Additionally, free directories are used by many visitors for their intended purpose as business resources; therefor, even if they are the sole source of a site's inbound links, should not, I assume hurt the rankings of a site.

    Some clarification on the matter would be greatly appreciated.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

  30. Anonymous

    really the only usefull for webmasters and SEOs is the URL of webmasters center at one of the last paragraphs:

    The unique useful SEO comment is: use good metatags :S

  31. Anonymous


    I hv Downloaded it

    I'll read it fully to get more knowledge abt Bing's concepts.

  32. Anonymous

    Ohh, so sweet and thanks you fror great SEO PDF ebook for, I waiting this for beginning released.



  33. nexcheck

    Thanks for the pdf..just downloaded…I am working on some articles on bing…its' definitely going to be worth it.

  34. Anonymous

    This is what I need. I have waited for it, since Bing launched.

  35. Anonymous

    All this is great but could you please enable the link: feature without having to sign in to Webmaster Tools?

  36. Anonymous

    Nice:) I have downloaded it!

    Thanks Bing! It's very useful!

  37. Anonymous

    Nice,I will try and see

  38. Anonymous

    Nice, I will download and will see

  39. Anonymous

    It is good to see that microsoft is open to communication with web masters. Hope that MS will provide a more precise guideline of what to do and what not to do will be available with future.

  40. Anonymous

    Thanks , i need times to read this pdf.

  41. Anonymous

    Bing is a search engine is very big and change brings the system on both searches for the relevant users. thanks your information and I will download.

  42. Anonymous

    nice one.. i just have buzz up  visitor from up to 20% when have release, maybe this one should be make it more great to ROI.

  43. Anonymous

    Very awesome PDF, thanks for making this available!

  44. Anonymous

    Just downloaded. Thank you very much.

  45. Anonymous

    wow,great. thanks for that.

  46. Anonymous

    thanks for that,awesome.

  47. Anonymous

    Thx for your Information….

  48. Anonymous

    Just download, Thx

  49. Anonymous

    thanks.. I will read it late..

  50. Anonymous

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  51. Anonymous

    Great Resource

  52. Anonymous

    Perfect.  We've been noticing more traffic from Bing lately, now we can even find out why!  😉

  53. Anonymous

    Just put it on a download. Will let you guys know whether I like the webmaster features provided by bing or not. thanks for the download and best of luck to you BING for a happy journey.

  54. cnsz_1

    hehe ,read

  55. Answer Blip Trivia

    I think this is great that  they put out this whitepaper finally. I hope it has more in depth information than the Google Whitepaper.

  56. Anonymous

    when i search my website in bing it only shows the picture gallery. I think i have to see how bing promotes a site in its search engine.

  57. Anonymous

    Thanks for the writeup. But Really SEO for Bing? Is it going to be that much different from the practices we employ for the other SE's? Whatever happened to browse rank? Does that work into the new bing?

  58. karadagli_61


  59. Blackpool UK

    will have to have a good read on this

  60. hotels

    great resource guys well done

  61. hotels

    the bing white paper for webmasters seems interesting

  62. Anonymous

    Nice read (((:

  63. Anonymous

    thanks very

  64. Anonymous

    Not a bad read at all.  I certainly appreciate the suggestions and thanks for keeping us abreast of the new strategy for using the categorized-results as a soft-selling point, especially since people have grown lazy and have abandoned the "scroll down" method recently.  Good entry.  

  65. Anonymous

    I have just downloaded the pdf, vl read during weakend..thanks for posting it.

  66. miles2go

    Thanks for upto date information. Follower of this community find SEO easy.

  67. srsims

    Many thanks – Will the white paper be updated on an ongoing basis?

  68. Anonymous

    Support for webmasters will increase Bing's popularity. Go Bing!

  69. Anonymous

    Phew! Just what the doctor ordered.

  70. anamika1570

    That was helpful. Thanks!

  71. Anonymous

    I would like to know how to optimize my website ( at bing. Please help!

  72. Anonymous

    Whats the name of the publisher/sponsor of!!!

  73. Anonymous

    Rick Dejarnette?? I think..

  74. Anonymous

    MICROSOFT ROCKS! Xbox360(>)Ps3! =)

  75. Anonymous

    I have just downloaded it.Thank you very much. I'm looking forward to reading this and getting the info.

    very helpful source.

  76. Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing the new Bing features. It is a good read and recommended for anyone who cares for bing. As Bing's popularity rises more and more people will be attracetd towards it. And I hope MS will continue to improve bing further and without chaging its name again 😉

  77. AKSIN

    Than you very much, I am bookmarking this to keep in mind.

  78. Anonymous

    Hopefully this should help me understand why my sites does not show up in the first couple of search pages in MSN/Bing like the way it does in Google.

    Do Email me any other sources that help get better results with Bing.



  79. Jeshurun77

    I read somewhere that Bing does not like blog in general, like WordPress and Blogspot, but rather static websites. If this is true, I have a huge problem with that as my all my websites are in WordPress!

  80. vepzone

    Gracias por el aporte espero y estoy seguro de encontrar grandes cosas en la comunidad, thanks for all.

  81. crpru

    Very interesting read.. thanks for the info!

  82. amsy_3

    Good Document Thanks

  83. jehrenthal

    I am actually excited about Bing, and am hopeful that they will be successful.  Monopolies where an entire business can be crippled by an algorithm are dangerous and unfair.  

  84. Pankaj Gupta

    Thank You for providing details in PDF format..


  85. retro555


    I wonder if there are this doc in spanish


  86. DonnaWestwood


  87. bigjoeapps

    Just downloaded it… goin gto read now, and then a long nap.

  88. laurent.bourrelly

    I just came around this pdf, but was wondering if it's still up to date in 2011.

  89. onixs1

    Excellent article, I gave the best results in a matter of duration of visits, visitors to are the best time to have remained in the site

  90. Websitedesign141

    Great to read this. It is really very useful and impressive.

  91. dvrmdmr

    sem101 is very important

  92. jula

    thanks, its really helpful for me.

  93. barisay

    thanx so muck

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