New webmaster community in Bing

As you may have noticed, Bing is live today as a preview. The site will be fully deployed by Wednesday. Be sure to go to and check out for yourself all of the new features and functionality of the new search engine. It’s pretty cool stuff.

We’re also excited to welcome you today to the new home of the Webmaster Center blog and forums, as part of the new Bing Community site. Welcome! The old URLs are now automatically redirecting visitors to this new site, but be sure to update your Favorites listing in your browser to the new site.

Also note that we’re working on a series of new blog posts that explains what the release of Bing means to webmasters and publishers, so stay tuned. As you can tell, we’re excited about Bing and ready to talk about it. Keep a look out for plenty of updates to come.


 — Rick DeJarnette, Bing Webmaster Center

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  1. Kevinul

    Ah, good. I'll be looking forward with what could come. I would like to implement Microsoft Bing into my web site, and awaiting for Microsoft Bing's team to update the UI, etc.. with the current one provided.

  2. Anonymous

    That's great

    bing community and forums,

    Hopefully it will be grow faster :)

  3. Anonymous

    i have written a post on how to get indexed in though it is similiar to getting into msn and live.

  4. Jenerationz

    This is really cool…

  5. Farhan Mahmood

    hay friends this is good one

    but the blogs should be like on which we can also create our own blogs.

  6. jackin

    Good news of all users that's great!

  7. ChrisMartin

    Tested Bing. Great fonts and user Interface. Google needs to shift-up the gears..

  8. Dhangout

    hi i am new on

    i don't have much more idea about this

  9. wheathills

    Welcome Bing, let's hope this is a breath of fresh air into the search community.

  10. professionalmail

    So i added my faetures, Tips & Tricks about Bing. so stay tuned guys

  11. tobto

    that really interesting to see what Bing will bring to webmasters, especially to search engine practice. otherway – good luck, bingos!

  12. Anonymous

    I like this community setup and will follow regularly to see how things evolve. I think the Web Master Community is essential and I want all the tools I can get my hands on. =)

  13. djkytra

    i want to improve bing api for my website

  14. Anonymous

    I received a news about bing early this morning… I am interested on learning some of its feature in the future…

  15. Anonymous

    Please remove my site from your search results i do not wish to associate with Microsoft. I have enough traffic generated from Yahoo and Google which operate using open source technologies.

  16. Computer

    hay friends this is good one

    but the blogs should be like on which we can also create our own blogs

  17. Anonymous

    Nice UI and wish it can catch up w/ Google.

  18. Spinnut

    Just when you thought you got it, they change it to Bing. I am ready and hope to get a grip on it. Hoping it's a lot easier for us novice folks. So many questions and not enough answer. I have mastered google now on to Bing.

  19. Spinnut

    Hi all,

    So many questions don't know where to start.

    Right when you think you got it, they change it.

    Any way, I'm headed over to the map section to see why Bing has not verified my business map. It's been weeks since I put in the code.

    On another note.. can we use HTML on this message board.

  20. Serviced Apartments London

    Hello i am new on

    i don't have much more idea's about this

    i am webmaster for SEO From india.

  21. Anonymous

    I have used bing for couple of days now and for me it is giving relevant results. In some cases, google is better and in some bing gave me results which google didn't. However, bing is now my default search engine.. Kudos to Bing team for this awesome product..

  22. sjinnovation

    what is the best way to get indexed to bing?


    Good Luck BING. NOw my website appears better than MSN

  24. judique

    I'll be interested to see how quickly bing gets popular, and how it might affect google…!

  25. Rainmaniam

    I'm looking for some help on what Bing can do for my website.

  26. Go-SEO

    Great. Waiting to see how it is going to work.


  27. Anonymous

    It good to hear !! Bing has a big future ahead !! and So as we !

  28. Anonymous

    i like Bing community good and wish good luck to Bing team


  29. Viki

    MS has taken steps in the correct direction. Involving and being in constant touch with users can help them get lot of new ideas, some great feedback and improve their goodwill.

    I think Bing is going to do quite well.

  30. Anonymous

    of any the msn search engines over the years i like this one the best, just given it a quick look over. mostly i have been relying and double checking results from my resort town and bing is reliable about giving good results.

    one criticism, to get a bit specfic and maybe some fine tuning needs to be made, but say for 'puerto vallarta malecon' there's two different urls from the same Virtual Vallarta website in the top 10 results, same with – my opinion would be to eliminate one of those repeats – a bit of a fussy criticism as I didn't know it that much at all on other searches of the town…

    also i love this box that opens on the right hand side of each listing so you can get a preview of the website page, very clever indeed and useful

  31. 123koch

    It works.

    “Mal was liebes – Grüße Michael”

  32. Anonymous

    I am from the ancient time and what i see .

  33. Anonymous


  34. Anonymous

    I m impressed with bing look & feel and features.

  35. Anonymous

    Will you please explain 'Bing's role for Webmasters and Publishers. I am really very much interested about it.

  36. kiyotei

    Look out Google…. bing gives better results. Best Search Engine I have tried so far. Keep up the good work!


  37. christine_s

    still the same poor results though, what a pity because its super fast and looks great, but I can't use it because it doesn't return relevant enough results. sorry.

  38. Anonymous

    Results from bing look pretty good to me. The trick is going to be for them to try to get the sites that are most useful up to the top of the rankings and so hopefully they will concentrate more on content and quality of content (do people like the site), rather than links

  39. Anonymous

    I like this new community and will follow regularly to see how things are going on here. I think the Web Master Community is essential and I want all the tools I can get my hands on. I would Like to index my site on bing 😉

  40. Quality Directory

    I like Bing and would like tom see it improved upon. But does it mean that MSDN Blog is dead? Even Live Search redirects to Bing. Is the redirection temporary or Live Search is a thing of the past?

  41. carrier70

    This is pretty cool engine..i've used it a few times and the response is very, very good….job well done..!!

  42. Anonymous

    sounds like interseting stuff. I am interested in finding out how bing difffers from Microsoft live

  43. Anonymous

    Your new search engine is excellent, the feature about asking questions and getting answer similar to Wolfram Alpha is fantastic, more grease to your elbow. I hope this help you get more share of the search market

  44. Amit Kumar Verma

    Hi , How I can promote my site on bing.

  45. Anonymous

    I added the code to my site (root), but it does not seem to take on the Bing site?  Any others have this issue?

  46. actorguy

    Heres the error message:

    We are unable to authenticate your permission to access this website. We tried both authentication methods and received the following errors with each:

    XML File Authentication – We were not able to locate your authorization code.

    HTML META Tag – We were not able to locate your authorization code.

  47. pasarbunga

    i want to improve bing api for my website

    I am interested on learning some of its feature in the future…

  48. Alter Falter

    Bada Bing! Very sexy search engine! :-)

  49. sweetnfine3301

    Good I hope you make navagating Bing easier also.

  50. leowang27


    hope bing will have more features and functions for us webmasters like "top search keywords&phrases"

    anyway,good job!

  51. leowang27

    hope Bing will have more features and functions like "top search keywords" for us webmasters!

    anyway!nice job!

  52. rwolfe58

    The all new is one of the finest search engines I have used – there just is not alot of junk to have to filter out so you find what you want fast.. :)

  53. Anonymous

    hi i am new on bing

    please … i want to improve bing api for my website

  54. the wooded one

    Having problems adding my site to the root directory – I can add it and have to the httpdocs subfolder only as I don't have permission to add to the root directory. Does the file have to go to the root ? Hmmm.

  55. hotels

    the webmaster community on bing seems very active.

  56. Anonymous

    Good news of all users that's great!

  57. Anonymous

    That's great

    bing community and forums,

    Hopefully it will be grow faster :)

  58. miles2go

    New look is better,Blog and forum is awesome.

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