New webmaster community in Bing

As you may have noticed, Bing is live today as a preview. The site will be fully deployed by Wednesday. Be sure to go to and check out for yourself all of the new features and functionality of the new search engine. It’s pretty cool stuff.

We’re also excited to welcome you today to the new home of the Webmaster Center blog and forums, as part of the new Bing Community site. Welcome! The old URLs are now automatically redirecting visitors to this new site, but be sure to update your Favorites listing in your browser to the new site.

Also note that we’re working on a series of new blog posts that explains what the release of Bing means to webmasters and publishers, so stay tuned. As you can tell, we’re excited about Bing and ready to talk about it. Keep a look out for plenty of updates to come.


 — Rick DeJarnette, Bing Webmaster Center

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