Announcing Bing, Microsoft’s new search engine

As you may have seen, Steve Ballmer unveiled Bing, Microsoft’s new search product today. Bing will begin rolling out internally to Microsoft employees today and will be unveiled to the public in the coming days. For more information on what Bing is all about, take a look at today’s post on the main Bing blog.

So what does Bing mean to you as a webmaster? All good things; including an improved Webmaster Center with access to the tools you need to help drive more traffic and enhance your site. We have a few more updates up our sleeve including a brand new community site for all things Bing, which you will hear more about in the coming days. In the meantime, visit and follow Bing on Twitter (@Bing) for all the latest news.

We’ll posting additional blog articles and other information for webmasters in the coming days and weeks detailing how to get the most out of this new search experience. We think you’ll like it!

— Rick DeJarnette, Live Search Webmaster Center

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