Clarifying turnaround times for content URL removals

A few weeks ago, we wrote a post addressing the often-asked question of how to remove a URL from the Live Search index. Since then, we’ve received many questions about the process and wanted to provide more details about the turn-around time for processing these requests..

The reason for removal can affect the time needed to do the work. We strive to process each removal request within 48 hours of acceptance. However, some requests require investigation to identify the scope and source of the problem, and as a result, additional time might be needed.

  • For malware reports, our support team will typically need additional time for its investigation. Instead of just blocking the individual pages reported, we investigate the situation so we can aggregate all the sources behind the malware and block them all together.
  • For illegal content, our support team acts as quickly as possible when we receive a such a request. And as with malware, we don’t want to block just the page URLs reported. Instead, we want to investigate and find all the illegal content sources related to the reported URL so that we can block them all in bulk.

Because of the additional overhead of an investigation, we may need extra time to appropriately deal with blocking malicious and/or illegal content. Thanks for your understanding.

— Rick DeJarnette, Live Search Webmaster Center

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