Big update to Webmaster Center tools

Creating websites and publishing on the web is getting simpler and simpler all the time, but with more content on the web it is becoming harder for webmasters and publishers to ensure that their content can be found. Last fall when we launched the Live Search Webmaster Center in beta, the goal was to establish a long term relationship with webmasters and help them achieve their goals by addressing the most common questions we hear, and help them understand how Live Search sees their site.

In an effort to improve upon those goals, today we have launched a significant update to our Webmaster Center and brought the Center out of Beta! This update includes several new features that provide webmasters more information about how Live Search is crawling and indexing their sites, as well as a few features to make the data more actionable.

When you sign into the Live Search Webmaster Center, you be able to:

Discover potential issues affecting your site

A new feature to the webmaster Center, the “Crawl Issues” feature will allow webmasters to be able to find four types of issues we encountered on their sites.

  • File Not Found (404)
  • Blocked by REP
  • Long Dynamic URLs
  • Unsupported Content-Types

For each issue, we return the URL and the data we last encountered it.


Get more and better backlink data

In the beta of the Live Search Webmaster Center we offered a limited look into backlink data. We’ve significantly enhanced this tool, giving webmasters access to more data about their referring links. Information about backlinks is useful as they influence the rank of a site. It’s also helpful for web publishers to know what sites link to them since these pages discuss the products/organization and identifying them can be valuable as a means of finding sources of promotion or feedback.

Making the data more actionable

Webmasters are analytical and rarely work alone. They often need to be able to grab as much data as they can, and take it offline into Excel or some type of database for analysis and collaboration with a client, marketing or engineering partner. To enable that, we’ve built a few new features into all our reports, both the new ones and the old ones.

1. Advanced Filtering – This way they can quickly scope the results to zoom into the data they need, without having to sift through all the results.


2. Downloading Data – For times when webmasters want to view a lot of results, we also provide a download option that can give access to the first 1,000 results in a CSV file (comma separated values) that can be easily opened with Microsoft Excel or imported into a custom reporting tool. This can help a webmaster analyze the results and share them with colleagues.


More than just a set of tools

When we launch our Webmaster Center we also launched a few resources to help you engage with us. Now more than ever we encourage you to Participate in the Live Search Webmaster community to get help Our Forum, feedback tool and Webmaster Center blog provides support for web publishers like you, across a broad range of issues, focused on helping you be successful and we are always listening for your feedback.

So sign in today and let us know what you think!

–Jeremiah Andrick, Program Manager, Live Search Webmaster Center

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  1. Anonymous

    I’ve just started to use Live Webmaster last month. This new tools will add value to this service. I will review my sites through this Webmaster centre and will add comments later. Thanks to the team for the great work.

  2. Anonymous

    I’ve been using Live Webmaster Tools collection since you guys announce it. Hope that you’ll continue improve this tools, giving us, webmasters more features. Great work!

  3. Anonymous

    Did you even tested the interface before putting it into production?

    There are lots of redirection loops:

    Loading Live Search…

    You will be sent automatically to Live Search in a few seconds. If this does not happen, please click here

    Submited forms ending up empty, without submiting anything. Thats for IE7 and other browsers.

  4. Anonymous

    Thanks that your still working on improving the webmaster tools on Windows Live Search. However, with this new release it brings tons of issues with it.

    Some of my sites no longer verify me, even when I have the right xml file, in the right folder on the right site. The loadings are terrible. I have an 16mbit download, but still it takes around 10 seconds to finally load a page, cause I’m getting redirected with a loading page, and automatic sign in page (addressbar turns green) over and over again.

    I still miss alot on the page wich that shows my website list. It just shows my xml id, but why do I want to see that? I already made my xml file working, why is it more important to see this id, in stead of my website rating, and indexed files, or a quick link to my backlinks?

    I want to see a quick list on how my sites are doing, with some quick links to see the info I want.

    The so called new CSV file is totally useless. I try opening it in Excel, like I can with some other CSV files, but it doesn’t get opened right. Yes, I don’t see any error warnings, so in that case it’s not a bug, but it are just lines of text, with some commas. Nothing more. Why aren’t I seeing that it’s put into tabs or something?

    Any why can’t I look into the backlinks list online, why just the first 20 results, and not the other 520?

    However, the ideas are great, and I totally love to see who is linking to me, and what their rank is.

    When those loops are gone, this webmaster tool is back to it’s normal quality. But still needs alot of work. But your going the right way, and I love that!!!

  5. Anonymous

    Great tool, but there are many redirections (not a big deal for me).

    Also, for those who have a lot of backlinks, displaying only pages of 20 backlinks is not enough, we should have the choice to display 100 at a time. I know we can download the list, but it is handier to have in IE, to be able to click on the links.

    One last thing about the backlinks: the internal and external ones are mixed, this is a problem as generally we are mostly interested in the external ones.

    Still a few things to improve, but already I like this tool.

  6. Anonymous

    There is a bug when adding new pages to your cp.  what will happen is the page will do you loop thing then it will load back up the add a new site page… it took me 15 mins to add 1 site… please work on your code.

    Tom McCllelan

  7. Anonymous

    Please add this site to Yahoo to Crawl

  8. Anonymous

    Thanks for the update guys! It’s nice to have another reliable source for backlinks although it would be nice to see them all. I could find some backlinks that I was not seeing with other tools. Unfortunately, I don’t see any outbound links even though I know I have some.

    Keep your good work!


  9. Anonymous

    Its really Big Update to Webmaster Tools. Great information for the webmasters.

  10. Anonymous

    Great work guys. This data will help me when building and growing my site. Keep it up!

  11. Anonymous

    Thanks for providing us with more information about the crawling and indexing our sites but please fix the redirection loops. Keep up the good work!

  12. Anonymous

    Valeu pelas informações. Great information.

  13. Anonymous

    Nice work gang!  This is useful info Webmasters can truly use to make their sites better.  Can’t wait to see the next round of work roll out. :)

  14. Anonymous

    Thanks for the great work and adding more useful information. Great Work!

  15. Anonymous

    Big thanks for all your hard work! Its great to use these wonderful tools in order to improve websites.

  16. rickdej

    @Peter van Dam – I’ve asked someone from my team to follow up with you on this. Apologies for the inconvenience, hopefully we can get this resolved soon.

    @ Bourbonnais Il – good suggestion, thanks! We’ll take a look at this in the future.

    @Luciene :) will do!

    Redirection Loops – we’re looking into this now, thank you all for the feedback.

    — Nathan Buggia, Webmaster Team

  17. Anonymous

    Thanks guys for the update.

    Just a question, does this update include support for URL removal?

    I am curious because I see "Blocked" column within the Site Status. If I want to remove a page (and change the Blocked status from No to Yes), does this update provide this function?



  18. Anonymous

    I tried to post a comment on the forum thread, but it seems like the forum is now completely non-functional in Opera…  Also, the link to this blog post in the forum is actually linked to with a redirect, which means I arrive at a rather confusing OWA login page when trying to get here.

    Anyway, the comment I was forced to go through all this rigmarole in order to make: in one of my recently added sites one of the two listed ‘Top 5 Pages’ is the sitemap.xml.gz file itself – possibly you should filter such things out of your ‘pages’.

  19. Anonymous

    A good beginning… But I like to know how many pages you have indexed and when did the crawler come by my page.

  20. Anonymous

    I really enjoy this blog. Plenty of good articles and lively comments from website visitors.

  21. Anonymous

    Very informative blog. Thanks for sharing such a nice articles.

  22. Anonymous

    This is a very useful service inded. It will difinetley help the new webmasters

  23. Quality Directory

    I'm pleased that Webmaster Center is continually improving and bringing more report to webmasters. Communication with search engines is the key to success on the web.

  24. Anonymous

    Your blog is like an encyclopedia for those who want to know more about this. Thanks for the interesting information.

  25. Anonymous

    Your blog is like an encyclopedia for those who want to know more about this. Thanks for the interesting information.

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