Come see the Live Search Webmaster Center team at SMX London

If you’ll be attending the inaugural Search Marketing Expo in London November 15-16, stop by and meet the meet Live Search Webmaster Team.  Nathan and Martina will be at the Live Search booth in the exhibit hall to meet you, answer your questions and to help you sign up to the webmaster center.

Also Nathan will be speaking at a panel Friday on Dealing with the Penalty Box.  Along with Nathan, the panel also includes a number of other really great industry influencers.  The panel will focus on what to do when you’ve had a site hit the search engine penalty box. Nathan will be there to talk through how to avoid the penalty box, along with how to be re-included.

The session should have time for lots of questions and we hope you will join the discussion on penalties and how communication with us might be improved. We hope you can make it to that event, but for those that can’t we will post some of the discussion and feedback following the event.

If you will be at SMX London, we hope you’ll make a point to stop by.

–Jeremiah Andrick, Program Manager – Live Webmaster Team

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  1. Anonymous


    I wish if I could fly to London.

    (I live very far from the city.)

    Share information of the expo on this blog, please.

    Thank you.

  2. Anonymous

    What is a pity! I can not be there.

    Please give us some news and photos.

    Thanks and regards,

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    Anyone can give us some news and photos?


  4. Anonymous

    Hi Riss!

    Long time ago, you can search news and photos of the event in

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    Hi friends!

    I am glad if I can meet you this year.

  6. Anonymous

    Me too.

    I am interested in this event.

  7. Quality Directory

    I love to hear every good presentation of search engine marketing. But unfortunately I wasn't able to attend this meeting.

  8. Anonymous

    good project,support

  9. Anonymous

    Greeting to all. This sounds like a great event

  10. miles2go

    Thanks it not possible for every one to attend the seminar. If possible upload the video so that whole world can see.

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    very thanks for article

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