Bing Predicts: the Premier League

Following on from our success predicting 15 of 16 knockout rounds correctly for the World Cup, Bing Predicts is now going to use its data modelling to predict matches in the English Premier League. This is our second foray into UK predictions after our success with the Scottish Referendum. We have seen strong results for our predictions for the NFL in the US and so we wanted to bring our predicting tool to the Premier League and see how we do!

Here are Bing Predicts’ picks for week 12 Premier League matches:

Bing Predicts Premier League week 12

Arsenal and Manchester United are looking like having a very close game, but our machine-learning data still picks Arsenal for the win. On the other hand, Bing Predicts that Chelsea and Manchester City are going to both have strong wins over West Brom and Swansea respectively.

As with our other models, Bing Predicts leverages a prior statistical model which estimates historical strength of teams (wins and losses, margin of victory, location of matches, weather conditions, etc.) and then incorporates our knowledge of web activity and social data (adding the ‘wisdom of the crowds’) to refine and improve our models. The table above shows the teams playing (left = home, right = away), the date of the match and then the statistical probability for each team to win that match below it. The remainder percentage (to total 100%) would be the propensity for the match to be a draw, based on the data we have used. Image-wise, we’ve shown the logo of the team likely to win each match.

We will be predicting every premier league match moving forward. You can see our predictions for the Premier League here or by typing “Premier League Predictions” into We hope you enjoy our predictions and look out for more Bing Predicts projections in the UK!

The UK Bing team