Hungry? Bing can help you find your perfect restaurant

We all know how stressful booking a meal out can be. What location shall we go to? Which cuisine? Will it be expensive? How popular is this place? How will we get there? Far too many questions, right?

Fortunately, Bing is here to help! Consider our brand new restaurant experience your 'one-stop-shop' for meal planning, right through to booking a table.

A simple search on Bing of 'restaurants near me' or 'restaurants in (your location)' rapidly provides a wealth of information about nearby eateries, ready for you to find your perfect restaurant.

Spoilt for choice?
Now, as you can see from the screenshot below, 'restaurants near me' provides information on every restaurant you could wish for...

Using the dropdown menus in the restaurant carousel, easily filter your search to find the ideal location for your event.

Fancy a moderately-priced, highly-rated Chinese restaurant within 5 miles of your home? No problem!

Once you've filtered to where you want to go, click on a few of the restaurants to see reviews, location and so much more, including the new 'Popular Times' experience.

 How often have you landed at your favourite restaurant only to be disappointed seeing a huge turnout at that very hour? With Bing, plan the best day and time to visit restaurants, thanks to easy to read peak traffic times for every day of the week.

The experience does not stop there!

Have you chosen a restaurant? Are you ready to book? Bing have partnered with OpenTable and BookATable to enable you to book immediately and look forward to your dining experience!

Click here and try it for yourself

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-The Bing UK Team