Change can be good

From today, we’re rolling out a series of new updates designed to help you get things done even quicker than before.

Peter Maxmin, head of Bing UK added, “Most of us would like to spend less time searching for information online, as, let’s face it, there is more to life than search. We want to make your search experience quicker and easier so you can get on with the important stuff.”

The first thing you will notice is a new slicker, cleaner design starting with the homepage, which allows for a much larger homepage image.


In addition the results themselves are cleaner. Removing the information on the left of the page and minimising the header raises the level of consistency and predictability while making it easier for you to scan the page and quickly find the information you want. Increasing the space between lines improves readability and optimises the page for touch devices.


The new experience is more than skin-deep. You will also notice faster page-load times and improved relevance under the hood. After all, Bing’s goal is to help you spend less time searching and more time doing. Changing how Bing looks is the next big step in doing just that.

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