Bing Maps now using Nokia Backend services for Traffic and Geocoding


Last year, Microsoft announced a strategic partnership with Nokia in Mapping. Our two companies have spent a lot of time working together, sharing information and investigating better ways provide relevant mapping information to help you find and get to where you’re going more quickly. We’re excited to announce another important phase in that partnership with the launch of Nokia powered traffic results, which are now available in 24 countries on Bing Maps, including the UK.

The following countries will see improvements through Bing Maps as a result of our use of Nokia services:

· Austria

· Belgium

· Brazil

· Canada

· Denmark* (traffic incident only at this time)

· Finland

· France

· Germany

· Greece

· India

· Indonesia

· Ireland

· Italy

· Luxembourg

· Mexico

· Netherlands

· Norway* (traffic incident only at this time)

· Poland

· Portugal

· Russia

· Saudi Arabia

· South Africa

· Spain

· Sweden

· Switzerland


· United Kingdom

· US

New countries with Traffic


Mumbai, India


Johannesburg, South Africa


Moscow, Russia


San Paulo, Brazil

Improved Traffic Coverage

We’re also improving our existing traffic coverage in the US to include traffic information for side streets in addition to freeway traffic information. See below for enhanced coverage in Seattle.


Seattle, Washington

In addition to these traffic improvements, Bing Maps will also start to use Nokia’s geocoding services in a number of countries offering improved routing and directions. This update, while not always visible to users, is another important milestone in our partnership to build the world’s best mapping platform using Nokia and Microsoft’s assets.

Thanks to our friends at Nokia for their dedication along the way. Together we have enabled a stronger Bing Maps experience and hope Bing users in these respective countries reap the benefits of our partnership and notice an increase in address search relevance, and enjoy the addition of traffic information.

– Philomena Lobo & Bing Maps team

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