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Continuing with our Help Your Britain campaign today marks the second user-nominated charity to be showcased on Bing. We’ll be showcasing the work of a small UK charity on the last Friday of each month enabling the cause to tell its own story.

There are more than 187,000 registered charities across Great Britain with a story to be told, many of whom will never be heard due to the lack of resources at their disposal. We’re shining the spotlight on these unsung British heroes as part of a long-term campaign, enabling you, the British public, to nominate the charities you would like to see featured on the homepage on the final Friday of each month via

Today is the turn of …


A week with Dr. Ed Dennison-Davies from the Kent Air Ambulance.

The Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance operates seven days a week between 7am and 7pm across all three counties. The helicopters always fly with a pilot, experienced paramedic and senior doctor who are able to deliver the same care at the scene of a medical or trauma emergency as you would expect to see in an A&E hospital A&E department.

The decision about which hospital to take our patients to is made by the crew based on where they will receive the best care for their injuries or medical condition, even if this is further away than other local hospitals. Our pilots are very skilled and highly experienced and this is vital in getting the doctor and paramedic as close to the patient as possible, often in challenging locations.

I am one of the doctors on the helicopter. At the start of each shift we check all our equipment, load the helicopter, and are briefed by the pilot. Every day is different and brings a varied workload. For example, this week we were involved in treating a middle aged man at a road traffic collision who had suffered a severe head injury. The patient required an emergency anaesthetic at the scene of the accident and we transferred him by air to a major trauma centre in London. We were also able to help treat a young man with a badly fractured leg. We carry stronger painkillers than the land ambulance service which meant that we could immediately pull his leg back into its normal position before we took him to hospital.

The service delivers a fast response to medical emergencies which are often life changing or life threatening and this includes the treatment of children. At the request of the land ambulance service we recently helped a child who had been fitting for over 30 minutes and we were able to airlift him quickly to a local hospital.

The range of medical incidents that we respond to is very wide and tomorrow will always bring something different!

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