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This week we’re lending our homepage to small charities with the launch of our ‘Help Your Britain’ campaign, showcasing the work of five small UK charities throughout the week and enabling each cause to tell its own story.

There are more than 187,000 registered charities across Great Britain with a story to be told, many of whom will never be heard due to the lack of resources at their disposal. We’re shining the spotlight on these unsung British heroes as part of a long-term campaign, enabling you, the British public, to nominate the charities you would like to see featured on the homepage on the final Friday of each month via

Today is the turn of …


All Dogs Matter is a voluntary dog rescue based in London. It is focused on rescuing and re-homing each dog it takes into care, ensuring that it will be safe and loved for the rest of its life. Whether they be strays, from pounds or simply dogs whose owners can no longer look after them, all dogs in need of help will be assessed in foster homes, as well as being fully health checked, micro-chipped, neutered and vaccinated. It is All Dogs Matter’s policy to never put down any healthy dog that it takes into care.

Unless some specific rescues or centres, which concentrate on “easily rehomable” dogs, All Dogs Matter make no distinction when it comes to helping dogs in need; we consider them ALL as long as they are healthy, and by healthy we mean physically and mentally. Regardless of breed or age, we think that all dogs deserve a chance of a happy life in a loving home. Our main concern when we take on a dog is whether it stands a good chance of being rehomed and going on to live a happy, painless and distress-free life.

We assess our dogs very carefully and make sure that we give them a health and behaviour check. If a dog needs help in the form of veterinary or behavioural treatment, we make sure it gets it. We do not turn dogs down because they are ill or stressed. In fact, any dog who can live happily without suffering or being a threat to the public is welcome to All Dogs Matter.

Our dogs come from many walks of canine life and are all very different. They can be stray dogs found wandering the streets, abuse cases needing a brand new start, or loved pets who have fallen victims to a change in their owners’ circumstances. Most often they have not known the comfort and security of a loving home, but that is not always the case. Regardless of their previous situation, all the dogs who come our way are under some form of stress as they have no stability and do not know what to expect from life. It is our job to make sure they have nothing to fear from it.

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We do not discriminate against any breed and lend a helping paw to all types of dogs. Cute or ugly, big or small, anxious or happy, all dogs do matter! In the last few months, we have rehomed Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Bichons, Chihuahuas, German Shepherds, Collies, Pomeranians, Mastiffs… Well, most breeds have had a proud representative at All Dogs Matter. All have been rehomed according to their needs and are now happy.

One last word: by looking at our website, you might be led to think that there are too many Staffordshire Bull Terriers on our books. True, there are a lot; in fact the majority of the dogs we rehome are ‘Staffies’ or ‘Staffie crosses’. Let us explain why, as there are three very good reasons for that: 1) we are based in London and Staffies are the dogs who are most in need of help in the capital and its surroundings; 2) Staffies suffer from such bad press that some rescues will not take them on and people have prejudiced ideas about them – we are committed to change that; 3) they are fantastic little dogs who deserve better than their ‘dangerous dogs’ image. They are dogs, like all other dogs and… All Dogs Matter!

Tomorrow we’ll be showcasing User Voice so be sure to come and look at the great work it is doing in the community. For more information about this week’s charities be sure to have a look here:

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