Dizzee Rascal goes Bonkers for Bobbies

Mercury prize winning artist Dizzee Rascal is waxing lyrical about some of the images captured for the Bing.com Your Britain photography competition. But the photo that really strikes a chord with the music artist is a close up shot of a Metropolitan Policeman with his iconic helmet with shiny badge.

The photo is a new entry in the local, urban and secret categories of Bing’s Your Britain national photography competition, which Dizzee kicked off last month with Dizzee curating the visually led search engine’s homepage with a collection of his images.

Commenting on his chosen picture for the week Dizzee said: “l love this shot. It’s the clever contrast between the sharp, iconic imagery of the bobby’s badge and helmet against the kaleidoscope of blurred London colours in the background. The smiling face against these conflicting textures gives it an almost cartoon-like feel.”
If you’re inspired by Dizzee’s photos, you can enter your own images of what you consider to be beautiful about Britain for your chance to win £10,000. Head to www.your-britain.com for more information. The competition closes on 24th June 2011.




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