Bing launches new journey planner – first of its kind for a major UK mapping site

Bing Maps has released a new feature – The Bing London Journey Planner. This is the first time a major UK mapping site has integrated London tube and bus routes into point to point journey planning. Bing brings together bus, tube and walking information with visual organisation to provide all the information and tools people need to plan their journeys around London.

The Bing London Journey Planner provides detailed information about the best routes between two points in London, combining walking, bus and tube travel. Simply type in a place name or postcode, or right click on the London map to enter the start and end points. Travel information includes times, bus number and destination, tube stations and line details. It’s also easy to save and share journey plans with friends. The Bing London Journey Planner helps people decide how to get to where they need to be faster.

To test out the Bing London Journey Planner visit the Bing Maps directions page.

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