Brian Badonde does Perfume

Today, our friends over at ShortList have exclusively featured the sixth
and final ‘Art of Technology’ webisode from Facejacker’s
comedy character, Brian Badonde. The wider series itself follows the eccentric
art critic on his quest to learn more about how technology can enrich his
already extravagant life with the help of Bing.


Available here, the sixth episode features
Badonde’s trip to a perfume parlour where learns all about the science of
scent, getting wholly confused about the origins of ambergris, a bizarre substance
that is regurgitated by sperm whales and used in the production of perfumes.


The first five webisodes can be viewed here
and feature Badonde getting to grips with learning to ride a Segway, learning
about the wonders of Babbage’s Analytical Engine, the first fully-automatic
calculating machine, taking over an introductory computer class and virtually
flying through the Manhattan skyline.

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